The “MetroMan” Style… Mixing The Rugged With The Sensitive

by | May 22, 2017 | Exclusive Tips Articles |

The idea of what it means to be a man now is a totally different thing to 10 years, 20 years, or 30 years ago. Since the 1980s we’ve had the rise of the sensitive man and the metrosexual.

But is there a call for this kind of guy in the dating game? Well, in short, yes.

And while the slew of shows like Mad Men or Boardwalk Empire have shown men back at their cigar-chomping, whiskey swilling best, is there any way to marry these two opposing sides of the male spectrum and apply them to the dating game?

The whole thing to address is the body image. For the guys that think that the way to show off your style is in the type of clothes you buy, it’s actually the fit that makes a bigger effect.

If you’re spending hours in the gym, you need a good cut, so you’re better off spending a good amount of money on the right tailor rather than the right coat! The great thing about the approach to exercise from the metrosexual perspective is that style and attractiveness is practically the whole reason to go to the gym!

If you’re not naturally inclined to the metrosexual way, then get down the gym and look at the best exercises. It’s not about getting stocky or “bulking, not sulking!” It’s about treadmills, heavy loads, and losing the weight while packing on the muscle at the same time! Be vain, look at your problem areas, and work on them! Highlight your attributes!


The whole area of skin care can seem a little on the preening side for many guys, but a good moisturizer really goes the distance.

Some of you purists may err on the side of Steve McQueen or James Dean when it comes to style, but the fact of the matter is that you need to protect your skin much more than they ever did! Pollution, bad diets, and the amount of alcohol you may consume out on a date will have an impact on your skin.

So look at some natural skin care products for men, like moisturizers or eye creams. Late nights will take their toll, and as you age, you need to fight for your seat at the dating game table.

The final thing to speak of when it comes to this whole man/metro divide is that, no matter what way you try to play it, mystique is everything. For every woman I’ve encountered, from sensitive bookworms to the hard-nosed career types to the traditional homely types, it’s all about the game.

They want to feel like they’ve got the upper hand, and if you put up a fight, that’ll create the tension you need. Women don’t want their men to be Clint Eastwood anymore.

They want Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper, or Clooney. Rugged, but with a hint of puppy dog behind the eyes, and this is where the manly man can clean up! It’s a fine balance, especially if you’ve been spending years working on your Don Draper act, but get the right mix, and you’re good to go!