5 Easy Keys to Success

by | Jun 2, 2017 | JDs Dating Tips |

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If you’ve had a few knocks lately, success can feel like a lifetime away. However, if you’re willing to work for it, success could be closer than you think. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of changing the way you think.

Getting the things you want can take time and effort, but that shouldn’t matter if it’s important to you. Here are a few keys to making a success of yourself.

Take Chances

If it seems impossible, have a go anyway. What have you got to lose? Sometimes, the best things in life happen simply because you gave it a go.

See a pretty girl at a bar that you think you couldn’t date in a million years? Go and talk to her. She may be sick of other men taking her for granted and just wants someone who’s honest and reliable. You never know when you’re staring at your future wife.

Forget About Failing

Everyone fails. In fact, it’s usually our failures that lead us to our successes. We often have to fail at something several times before we find the correct way of doing it. Call it practice and practice makes perfect. Don’t be afraid to fail at things. You won’t be the first and you certainly won’t be the last.

There may be times when you know you’re going to fail, but should that stop you? If you have a goal in mind, keep going until you reach it, no matter how many times you fall.


You may find that there are times in life when a good negotiation is needed. Finding success can sometimes be about the gift of the gab, and bending people to your will.

Developing good negotiation skills will serve you well at every stage of life, whether you’re bartering on how much to pay for a souvenir in a foreign country or your sat down at a divorce mediation meeting. These skills are vital for making others feel like what you have to offer is worth fighting for.

The Law of Attraction

There are times when you’ll achieve success just by willing it. The law of attraction is a powerful tool. You can use it by believing that everything you want is just around the corner.

For example, a man who is about to take his driver’s test could buy himself a car. Although he hasn’t passed his test yet, he has stepped out in faith, giving himself encouragement to do so. It’s a way of bringing forth the things that you want in life. If you ask the universe to provide you with something, you better be ready to receive it.


Don’t expect things to happen overnight. There may be times when you have to slug it out and work really hard to get what you want. For example, you may have to work a few years before you’re promoted to your dream job. Be ready to commit to each of your goals, and be prepared to be in it for the long-haul.

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