What The Modern Gentleman Looks Like Today

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The role of the gentleman has changed over the course of the century, evolving from one in which masculinity and male culture was clearly defined, to one which is much more fluid and open to interpretation. Being a male used to mean many things, especially being a ´gentleman´.

There are many values that you might associate with the idea of a gentleman, and which should not go out of fashion, regardless of what the changing face of masculinity looks like for you.

What does being a gentleman mean today, however? Good manners are, of course, one of the most obvious answers, but there is so much more to being a gentleman than your manners.

Even though ideas of masculinity will always be open to debate and constantly changing with each new generation, it’s up to you to decide how you want to present yourself to the world. And if you want to combine good old fashioned values with those that exist nowadays to be a modern gentleman then follow these rules listed below.

The modern gentleman must be funny

The idea that humor is an attractive quality has not changed. Being funny is something that is will always be a useful tool, and is something that appeals to the ladies.

Apparently, humor in men is something that women have evolved to find attractive! Being a good laugh means that you can also take somebody making a joke at your expense- there´s nothing more unattractive than someone who can´t find humor in situations!

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should let people tread all over you, but rather that you should know when to relax and when to stand up for yourself.

The modern gentleman is brave

Being brave has changed, it no longer means going off to battle or challenging someone to a duel. Being brave can mean that you are willing to do something out of your comfort zone to help someone else out or even to stand up for yourself.

For example, if you are in a situation where you see an opportunity to defend someone then take it! Equally, being brave enough to ask for a pay rise at work is also something that a modern gentleman would do.

The modern gentleman dresses to impress

Dress to impress, not only for women or men but also for yourself. Learning to dress well can make you feel good about yourself, can change how people perceive you, and also means that professionally,  you will be taken more seriously.

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The modern gentleman makes plans and sticks to them

There’s nothing worse than someone who is flaky. A modern gentleman is organized and proactive when it comes to making plans. If you are going out with your friends or taking a lady out on a date, be the man who always knows the best places to go for a fun night out, the coolest restaurant or bar in town, and make sure you offer to pick up the cheque.

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