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Stress hits us all in different ways, and nobody is immune from experiencing it. Our lives can be busy, whether at work or at home, and there are often many pressures facing us throughout the day. These can be many but can include financial worries, relationship problems, and issues with our employers.

Your body will tell you when you are feeling stressed. Possible symptoms could include the following.

Feeling anxious in normal everyday situations.
Losing your temper with the people closest to you.
Increased blood pressure.
Road rage at other car users and pedestrians.
Skin irritations.
Aches and pains in your body.

Stress doesn’t have to be a permanent thing, and you shouldn’t be ashamed of it. If you know you are suffering from stress at the moment, don’t despair, there are ways of dealing with it.

Here is some handy advice you should find useful.


Sounds simple - but it can be complicated if you let it. Some guys think they don’t have time to rest. Or worse yet - they don’t have a place to do it.

You have to look at it this way - if you don’t fill the tank your engine will run out of gas…you are no good to yourself or anyone else when you aren’t at 100% YOU.

Make sure you have a nice, private sanctuary. Just a little place - like a hammock or porch swing - that you can go and just….be.

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Talk about it

Let’s face it; most men are rubbish at talking about their problems. Many of us have been taught by our father figures to keep a lid on our emotions, but this is bad advice.

We need to talk to others. It lightens the heavy burden we are carrying around with us, and as the old saying goes, a problem shared is a problem halved.

Find somebody trustworthy you can speak to, be it a family member or a friend. If you are married, tell your wife. At least she will begin to understand why your behavior may have changed recently, and she might be able to offer you the support you need.

Should the stress in your life be down to your own behavior, do the right thing and apologize when you need to. Asking for somebody’s forgiveness will give you a clearer conscience, so don’t delay any further.

If stress is really getting you down, and you feel as if everything is getting on top of you, go and see a doctor. At the very least, they may be able to prescribe medication that will calm your anxiety in stressful situations. Your doctor might also suggest you speak to a counselor.

Again, this is nothing to be ashamed of, and many men find it beneficial. Being able to verbalize how you feel to somebody away from your situation could prove helpful, and the counselor will help you put your feelings in context.

Confront the problem

To understand why you are feeling stressed, you need to know the root cause of the problem. If there are unresolved issues in your relationships, talk to the people involved. If your employer is giving you a hard time, talk to them about it, and try and reason with them.

Should you be experiencing financial pressures, don’t let them overwhelm you but seek advice.

Problems rarely go away, and if you try and ignore the issue, you are probably going to feel more stress in the long term. There are often ways out of a problem, so do what you can to find the answer.

Have a healthier lifestyle

It has been proven that vitamin C can alleviate the stress hormones in our bodies. Therefore, look at your diet, and cut down on junk food in favor of healthier options such as fruit and vegetables.

Many people react to stress by comfort eating, or smoking and drinking more often. You already know these habits damage your body, and they don’t act as satisfactory solutions to the way you are feeling. Instead of reaching for a bottle of alcohol, drink water instead as it will rehydrate you and improve your energy level.

Exercise is ideal for the stressed mind, as it can release powerful endorphins into your brain and alleviate stress symptoms. You may think you don’t have the time to begin a keep-fit regime, but it doesn’t always have to be structured.

Walking to work instead of using the car will improve your mind for the rest of the day. If you use public transport, get off a few stops earlier and walk the rest of the way.

Playing sport is a great stress reliever, so find something that you will enjoy doing. Going for a swim or attending regular gym sessions is a good way to get your body into shape and improve your thinking.

An excellent way to beat stress it is to leave the confines of your home or office and head out into the country for a walk. You don’t have to go it alone, so spend time with the people you love, and take ‘man’s best friend’ if you have a dog. A breathtaking view may just help you take stock of your life, and put your stresses in perspective.

Have more fun in your life

You have probably heard the saying, ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.’ There are times when you need to give yourself a break, so do something that makes you feel happy.

Men, as well as women, find shopping therapy useful. However, if money is an issue, you may not always be able to afford the items you would like.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t save up your hard earned cash, and it will make going to work each day that bit more palatable. Of course, you should always look for deals and offers to cut down on spending. Here are hundreds of coupons and promotional codes that cover a whole range of products, including items for your car, fashion, and sports equipment.

You know what you enjoy doing, so make the time for it. You could play video games and vent out your frustrations safely in a virtual world, sit back and watch your favorite movie, or return to a forgotten hobby.

Spend time with the people in your life who make you happy, and you may find your stresses disappear. There is no easy answer to dealing with stress, but you don’t have to go it alone.

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