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Manhood is something that’s legitimately defined in any way the man it applies to feels it should. Becoming a man is something that is personal for each individual male, and the way they ‘rock’ their manhood differs from person to person.

For one person, lifting weights and becoming stronger physically is a good test of manhood, for another, it is the pursuit of spiritual excellence, for another, the accumulation of knowledge.

No matter how you defined it, being a ‘real man’ can be defined as doing the best with what you have, and heading in the direction of your goals with a steadfast feeling of responsibility.

It is the attitude that allows you to say ‘I’ll try again next time,’ after a failure, or the quality that allows you to be gentle of temperament in a difficult social situation that requires it.

Manhood can be applied to a variety of things, but for the most part, can be used to describe the real virtues we like to see acted out in the world around us. It’s important to realise the profound utility of these ideas. Becoming better in every small aspect requires that you reclaim what you enjoy, and move forward in the pursuit of your goals.

To become a better man who is more comfortable in his skin, it might be a good idea to:

Assess Your Appearance

Figuring out exactly what you’d like to look like and changing your entire look around that perception can help you feel more comfortable in your skin, and more able to express who you are.

You needn’t look like a male model to be an attractive man (being ruggedly handsome is definitely a thing,) but on the whole, tidying up your appearance through shaving or beard trimming, simple but sharp haircuts; or commissioning a facelift for men can all help you feel like the man you’re supposed to be.

Figure out what you think your ideal persona would look like, make it realistic depending on the actual structure of your appearance, and optimise where you can. You’ll be much more confident in your skin as a result.

Assess Your Wardrobe

Your wardrobe is the place where your personality can shine. You have many choices to wear pleasant, decent clothing options that help express your manhood and practicality.

Many men make the mistake of wearing too many items that flaunt their presence, but in fact the opposite can work to your benefit. Wearing simple, bold colors and expressing your ‘sexy’ flair with a gold watch or jewellery piece can help lend further trim to your outfit, in a subtle and classy way.

Assess Your Beliefs

What do you believe about yourself, and what would you like to see your life turn out like? Worthy questions all. Self-improvement will have real, tangible effects on your life, and can help you become the person you really desire to be.

But it all begins with assessing what axiomatic principles have dictated your life so far, and what to do to fix the ones that might not be serving you as well.

Remember, just because you have lived in a certain way thus far doesn’t mean you should let it dictate your future. Keep working on yourself, and you’re sure to be very proud of who you are down the line.


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