The Subtle Art of Standing Out…

by | Jul 31, 2017 | Exclusive Tips Articles |

To master the subtle art of style you need to be able to balance on the thin, risky tightrope that hangs precariously above a shark infested pool of “what were you thinking?”

It is being confident without being arrogant. It is being subtle without being quiet. It is being able to enjoy luxury without it being showy. All of these come down to one thing: being able to work simplicities that make you stand out.

It is too easy to throw on the bigger garments - shirts, blazers and trousers - that are embellished with flamboyance from top to bottom. What takes skill and understanding are being able to add little touches to your personal style, the kind that could so easily go unnoticed but instead see you attract attention like the frontman of a rock band.

To help you get the gist of what we’re alluding to and bring a splash of joviality to your wardrobe, we have come up with a few little tricks that will really put you in the limelight.

Best Foot Forward

Too many gentlemen play it safe with their feet despite this being the one area you can have a lot of fun without feeling the need to be self-conscious. We’re talking about taking a gamble where the odds are in your favour; a risk where the pros outweigh the cons a thousand to one.

We’re talking about being a little risky with the colour of your laces, and the pattern on your shoe and the gaiety of your socks. It is amazing how a plain blue suit can suddenly pop when you rock a pair of colourful socks.

50 Shades Of Grey

Going grey is one of the simplest ways to stand out these days, especially with the majority of men choosing to go with the more traditional colours of brown and black. Briefcases, bags, shoes, and every other functional accessory that falls under this bell curve.  

Not only will grey help you stand out from the ocean of brown and black, but it also offers you versatility no matter what else you are wearing. It is that utility colour that compliments everything.

Watch Out

What a watch grants its wearer is personality. There are a million different watches out there and that means you have the chance to personalise your sophistication however you see fit. You could look at vintage mens Rolex knowing this would be an investment like no other you have ever made, or you could experiment with one of the more nouveau brands that seem to be reinventing the game with bold designs not seen before.

Either way, what you wear on your wrist is a phenomenal way of being subtle but stand out.

Unexpected Patterns

Another simple way to take the spotlight without jumping up and down, waving your arms above your head and screaming obscenities are to work a little contrast into your style.

Contrast is memorable. It could be your socks like we said above. However, it could be that you add a patterned belt to your outfit choice or a bold tie to your suit, or a powerful pocket square, maybe even a pair of glasses that step away from the standard block colour or tortoise shell.

Whatever you decide, be unexpected with it.

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