When it Comes to Being Funny….

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Humor is a difficult subject when it comes to using it to attract the right women. A sense of humor is one of the most attractive traits that any guy can have when it comes to appearing charming.

But it’s a hard balance to maintain because if you are “so freakin’ funny” you could end up being the funny guy that is stuck in the friend zone, or you may find that your sense of humor is too “out there” so you turn women off. So here is your One-Stop-Shop to being funny, but not that funny!

Display The Right Attitude

The trick every stand up comic swears by in being funny is actually not trying to be funny. You’ve seen it before, someone who is needy and desperate for approval trying their hardest to make someone laugh, it’s cringe worthy. The critical thing about trying to make someone laugh is to not think about jokes in the traditional sense. It’s easier said than done, but you want people to be attracted to you for your easy going demeanor, you just need to be yourself and not eager to please.

“Funny” Clothes?

While you shouldn’t go dressed up as a clown, it’s definitely a hard one to gauge if you’re trying to communicate the fact that you’ve got a sense of humor.

There are plenty of people that go for those novelty shirts that are sold on sites like Gecko Shirts, but if you’re trying to attract someone with a similar sense of humor, a T-shirt might be the right way to go about it but make sure it’s tasteful and isn’t too showy! You can find products at Gecko Shirts here to get an idea of the right kind of quirkiness involved.

A lot of people pull off that nerdy t-shirt with a suit jacket look, and it communicates that right angle of sensitivity while not compromising that overall trendy look.

Telling Funny Stories

This is a difficult one to get right but a funny story is a great way to build rapport with women. It also gives them an insight into who you are based on your life experiences.

The thing about finding the right story means that you have to pick one that’s not too crass or tries to build you up as the victor. The important thing by telling a funny stories that you have to be the victim.

This is what will elicit sympathy in the right way if you tell it correctly. If you can find a story that shows your vulnerability, this will make you far more attractive to them then the muscly macho man type they see all the time.

While a funny guy is hard to find, you need to be careful that you don’t make them laugh too much and run the risk of being seen as the funny one which, as we all know, never means long-term success in the dating department.

Remember, humor is a fantastic icebreaker, but you need to make sure that you provide a balance between funny, vulnerable, and charming, the Holy Trinity.

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