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Some say it is important to dress as the man you aspire to be. Of course, that can change throughout the day. First, you’re the professional gentleman with a great job and career prospects. In the evening, you might be a casual, fun-loving guy looking to enjoy time with friends.

What you wear might define you in the eyes of strangers, but it can go a lot further than that.

Dress For The Job You Want

Your professional life is perhaps the most important part of your life right now. You might not have made it all the way to the top job yet, but you’re keen to get there. Without the confidence to make the moves that are needed to create those opportunities, you might not get very far. What you wear can help boost your confidence. When you look in the mirror, you’ll see what others see.

Do you want them to see a man that slouches and wears off-the-peg budget brands? Or do you want them to see the man? That’s the guy that already looks like he’s in the top job.

He’s got great posture and wears his tailoring well. His luxury watches and full leather shoes say this is a man that knows what’s good in life and he gets it. If you look good and feel good wearing it, you’ll be catching the eye of the boss that wants to promote you.

Dress For The Date You Want

Dates are difficult enough to get. You need to be charming, convincing, and confident in your approach to win that all-important yes. When you next meet, you have to be all those things again and even more. This is where your fashion choices come in. Looking good doesn’t just boost your confidence, but it boosts your date’s confidence in you. After all, this person is a stranger. All they know about you is what you look like. That’s going to be a pretty powerful impression.

So do you look confident, financially able to cover the cost of the meal and clean cut? If not, why not? Dress to impress, but don’t overdo. If you lay it on too thick, your date might feel you’re not a good match. Look good, clean, neat and tidy, and add a few good quality finishes to the ensemble. Clean, polished shoes are a must! Apparently, that says a lot about a guy!

Dress For The Evening Out

There is nothing more embarrassing than being refused entry to a club or bar you queued to get into. Don’t leave home without a quality shirt and tie.

Never wear training shoes and definitely don’t wear jeans (no matter how expensive.) Take the time to groom so you look good. Clubs often believe that guys do the bulk of the buying. Whether that’s true or not, you’ve got to look like you can afford to buy a round or two. Choose your outfit wisely, without showing up the mates you’re keeping company.

The clothes you wear and how they look on you can make an enormous difference to your confidence. Yes, use the mirror. No, don’t just assume that the price tag means it’s right for your body shape. Look good, feel good.


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