Don’t Make These Mistakes When Buying a Car

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Buying a new car is great fun. Just imagining rolling down the street with our new wheels fills us with excitement. Maybe too much excitement because the majority of us make huge mistakes that we cannot recover from.

You might think you are too wise to make rookie mistakes, but without the right focus anyone can make an error. So, to make sure that doesn’t happen to you, avoid these major mistakes.

Improper evaluation of budget

Cars have the ability to make us go over the top price wise. It is hard to explain, but there is something about new cars and the dealership environment that makes us think we can afford a Mercedes. You can’t! Unless there has been a big influx of cash in the past couple of days, your budget has not changed.

Never underestimate the importance of your budget because it is there to make sure you don’t overspend. One moment of madness might mean you have to cut costs in many other areas of your life for the foreseeable future.

Not thinking about your needs

Of course, while it’s important not to go overboard when it comes to costs, you also have to remember that a car which doesn’t meet your requirements simply isn’t going to be a great purchase in the long run. You need to think very carefully about what kind of car you’re going to need.

How often will you need to use it - a few times a month? A few times a year? Daily? If daily, then for how long at a time? What kind of roads do you need to travel every day? What are fuel costs going to be for a particular option?

A cheaper car may not meet your requirements. There are plenty of online resources that can assist if you need to increase your budget a bit. This can help you get a car that makes much more financial sense in the long run.

Poor research

Research everything and anything that is a factor in the sale. The car is obviously the first thing you need to research. For example, how many doors do you need? What is the storage space like? How many miles to the gallon? Before you know it, your dream car could become the car from hell as problems that you are unaware of pop up out of nowhere.

Next, there is the dealership. What is their reputation? Do they have the proper documentation? Do you know someone who has used their services in the past? One of the things that Currie Motors recommends is to ask friends and family for dealerships they trust.

Impulse buying

When you see the perfect car, it is hard not to fall in love. And, once you get that image in your head nothing else is good enough. A lot of people make the big mistake of buying the first car they see, and that flies in the face of trying to avoid the mistakes we’ve already mentioned.

An impulse buy is a gamble because you are not aware of the odds. Anything can go wrong, and that would not be the definition of your dream car.

One of the best ways to avoid impulse buying is to make sure you have a bunch of important criteria that the car needs to meet - the sort of thing we detailed a couple of sections ago.

Make sure these are written down, and try not to consider many other variants outside of your requirements. Proper research will also help tremendously; don’t be afraid to go back home from the lot and properly research the model before making a purchase.

Forgetting all your options

Options are not few and far between with cars. There is always another car and another way to pay, regardless of how difficult the process may seem at the beginning.

When you consider buying a car, consider your options before you pull the trigger. Your way may seem like the best way, but there is always another path that you can walk down.

Not considering overall costs

The cost that you pay to the dealership is not the final cost. You should consider road tax, fuel consumption, insurance payments and much more. The cost of the car is just the amount you need to pay to own the vehicle. To drive it and make it road legal, there are even more payments.

It may feel good walking out of the dealership with the keys to a new car. In a couple of weeks, that feeling might dissipate as mistake after mistake smacks you in the face.

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