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Whether you’re on a date or out with the boys, it can be difficult to dominate the room if we’re a little more reserved and a little less verbose than our counterparts.

Those of us who lack the confidence to take control of the flow of the conversation can find ourselves excluded and even alienated. If you’re out with friends and the conversation turns to sports, those who aren’t sports nuts may find themselves melting into the background.

Likewise if you’re on a date with someone who’s waxing lyrical on a subject you know virtually nothing about, it can be extremely difficult to assert yourself. Any of these situations can leads us to feel like a passive spectator rather than an active and dynamic participant. Getting control of the conversation can prove tricky.

Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of some awesome gadgets that will not only make you look awesome, but will also be excellent conversation starters that will help you own the room.

Ekster Smart Wallet

When it’s your turn to get the drinks in, pull out your smart wallet and enjoy the silent. The ultra slim wallet doesn’t just look cool (especially with its quick card access mechanism which gives you access to your card with the touch of a button), it comes with some subtly effective tech bonuses, too.

The removable tracker card ensures that you’ll never lose your wallet again, while the RFID block protects your cards from wireless skimming and data theft. The tracker card is solar powered and can run for a month on just a three hour charge.

Polaroid Snap Instant

If you like your tech fun and retro then capture the moment with the Polaroid Snap Instant.

This small but perfectly formed polaroid camera works just like any other polaroid, yet what’s going on beneath the surface will provide an interesting talking point.

Sure it spits out 2x3” full color, black and white or sepia 10 megapixel prints, but it’s digital imaging technology means that you’ll never need to buy extra ink.

Greenwich’s virtually indestructible iPhone cases

Many iPhone cases claim to be durable, but Brighton-based Greenwich’s Horo and Chrono iPhone 7 cases go one step further. Not only do the folio style cases boast a beautifully crafted finish, but the carbon fiber lining can withstand anything up to (and including) a shotgun blast. anyone else at the table be able to make that claim when they pull their phone out?

The Minipresso NS portable espresso maker

If you want to take your date for a romantic walk in the park on a brisk winter or autumn day, and they need a hot, delicious pick-me-up, you’ll be the hero of the day with this sleek, stylish and extremely portable Nespresso pod machine.

Not only will your date be wowed by the cool yet understated matte black exterior, but they’ll be able to enjoy piping hot espresso in seconds. Just keep some mints on hand in case she doesn’t want to kiss you with coffee breath.

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With these cool, sleek and stylish gadgets you’ll own the room and the conversation without needing to be rude, butt in or interrupt.   

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