Showing Your Partner That You’re Marriage Material

by | Sep 9, 2017 | Exclusive Tips Articles |

If you have been in a relationship for a while, you may have thought about marriage. If you think you’re ready to finally take the plunge and get down on one knee, you need to make sure that your partner knows you’re marriage material. This is the only way you can make a huge ‘yes!’ probable.

If you fail to clean up after yourself and rarely ever cook dinner, then your partner is probably going to think twice about accepting the ring from you. Here’s how you can show your partner that you’re marriage material:

Make An Effort With Dinner

Don’t be the person that sits around every day and let’s, or even requests their partner cook dinner for them. Your partner will like it if you take the initiative sometimes, even if they really enjoy cooking. Why not surprise them with a romantic dinner from time to time? This is a great idea for after a long day at work. Make sure you’re thoughtful when it comes to cooking!

Always Clean Up After Yourself

Making a mess can’t be helped sometimes, but you should always clean up after yourself. There’s nothing worse than having to chase after someone picking up their mess. Don’t leave wet towels lying around, and if you do cook dinner, tidy up as you go along. Be mindful and don’t expect your partner to do it for you.

Take Care Of Things Around The House

Taking care of things around the house should be something you enjoy doing. Don’t put these things off for months, especially if your partner has already mentioned them.

It’s all too easy to leave these little things until the last minute and let them get out of hand. Instead, impress your partner by showing up with one of those big tool backpacks and get things sorted right away. They’ll really appreciate it and you’ll avoid having to explain yourself in the future when more things go wrong as a result.

Let Your Partner Be Themselves

Don’t try to control your partner. You need to let them be free to be themselves, whether that means going to salsa classes or wearing outrageous clothing. These things may scare you, but this is a problem with you, not with them. Treat them how you’d want to be treated. The more free your partner feels, the more they’ll likely want to be with you.

Take An Interest In Your Partner’s Life

Make sure you take an interest in your partner’s life. Ask them how their day at work went, and listen to them when they talk to you about these things.

Have Your Own Life

One of the best things you can do to show that you’re a high value person, is create a life you’re really happy with. Don’t depend on your partner for entertainment and happiness. Have your own life outside of them too. Have friends, goals, and plans. This is by far more attractive than somebody who is dependent on another person!

Remember to make sure you keep all of this up once you’re married!