Cold Weather? Try These Home Date Night Ideas

by | Sep 11, 2017 | Exclusive Tips Articles |

As the colder months kick in, many of us enjoy time at home a little more. Going out can be ridiculously expensive and never seems quite as appealing when there are rain and wind to think about.

While staying in can easily be cozy and romantic, especially when it’s horrible outside, it can also become boring quickly. Which isn’t what you want when you are trying to impress a new lady, or trying to keep an old romance alive. Here are some great ideas for home date nights, to ignite the spark and keep you warm!

Cook Together

You probably already cook for each other occasionally, but do you ever cook together? Put on some music, get in the kitchen and experiment together. Teach each other your favourite recipes or try something totally new. Cooking together can be great fun, romantic and a good way to learn more about each other.

Play Some Games

Games are a wonderful way to spend your night together. Turn the TV off, put your phones in another room and have a little fun! You’ll talk and laugh much more than usual, just don’t be a bad loser (or a worse winner!). Some great ideas for games you can play together include your favorite childhood classic board games, a tactical game of poker, online games or modern video games. You could even keep score and make it a regular thing or introduce forfeits for the loser.

Have Themed Movie Nights

Movie nights are cool, but it can be hard coming up with ideas of what to watch. Many of us spend most of the evening scrolling through the Netflix menu and don’t have time to watch anything we do find.

So, why not have themed nights? This could be a genre, films from your childhoods or featuring a favorite star. Take it in turns to choose and make a proper night of it with popcorn and drinks.

Read to Each Other

If you really want to dial up the romance and impress, spend an evening reading to each other. This is something many of us never do, but being read to is relaxing and soothing, and reading to someone is actually incredibly intimate.

A Tasting Experience

You don’t need to go to an expensive event to have a tasting experience. This could be wine, beer, whiskey, cheese, chocolate or anything else you both enjoy. Do a little research, learn about what you are tasting and go shopping for some samples. Have fun trying new things together; it might even give you some ideas for future evenings.

An Early Night

Go to bed! There’s nothing wrong with spending an evening in bed together. Take up a bottle of wine, order food in and be slobs, watch a film or spend the evening talking. Just spending this time together away from all other distractions is fantastic. Don’t make it all about sex though, let that happen naturally.

Home date nights can be fun, romantic and cheap. The best thing about them is that they are all about you, without anyone else around.

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