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Most women will tell you that life is so much easier for men when it comes to fashion. They’ve got so many choices and options to get their head around but men have only got to choose between a couple of different pieces of clothing.

I wish that were true but it isn’t. Men’s fashion can get just as complicated as women’s and if you don’t know what you’re doing you’ll end up looking stupid.

And guess what - you may have THOUGHT you already know the hard-and-fast rules… but times and fashion have changed!

These “OLD” Rules No Longer Apply!

How many of these have you heard - and how many do you still stick to?

  • RULE #1: Don’t wear white after Labor Day or before Memorial Day. …
  • RULE #2: Always match your belt with your shoes. …
  • RULE #3: Always wear socks with pants. …
  • RULE #4: Always wear a belt if your pants have belt loops. …
  • RULE #5: Match your pants to your socks. …
  • RULE #6: Never wear pleated pants.
  • RULE #7: Never wear black with blue or brown…

All sound familiar?

Well - forget them. A lot of those rules were for you father’s generation, and even your grandfather’s - and to be honest, few of them are even rooted in actual fashion. But that’s a story for another time.

Today - let’s talk about a few things that you SHOULD remember and do - and step outside the “old” box a little and get noticed and look great.

These general style rules should help you to avoid any embarrassing disasters.

Less Is More

This is a simple but very important rule. Don’t think that covering yourself in loads of stuff that you think is fashionable will make you look good. You’ll just look a bit of a mess.

If you actually take the time to look at what fashionable guys are wearing, you’ll see that it’s always incredibly simple. It’s the quality and the way that they wear it that makes it look stylish. Stick to a few good quality pieces of clothing and wear them well.

Keeping things neat and tidy is a big part of this. Get a haircut regularly and, unless you’re going to grow and properly trim a beard, make sure you shave on a daily basis.

The best way to get a clean look is to wet shave with a proper razor but people are often worried about cutting themselves. It’s nowhere near as scary as people think it is and if you just read, What Is Needed For Classic Wet Shaving? A Guide to Traditional Shaving, you can find out everything that you need to know. You can get safety razors for beginners if you’re really worried about the prospect of cutting themselves.

Most of the blade is covered so, as long as you aren’t doing anything stupid with it, it’s very hard to cut yourself.

Tailored Items

The best way to ensure that your clothes look great is to get the right fit by having them tailored. It costs more money but the difference really is noticeable when you wear it.

Badly fitting clothes can ruin any good outfit and make you look awful. When it comes to tailored clothes, you don’t need to be spending a fortune on getting everything you own custom made.

Just one tailored piece can completely overhaul an outfit.

Mix And Match

A three piece suit is a great look but you don’t always have to match your outfits so perfectly. There’s something to be said for a little chaos every now and again and you can bring this through in your outfits.

Play around with mixing different colors and patterns and see what works. Be warned though, it’s not always going to look good.

Soften and Bling-it-up

Some of the biggest fashion icons in history were men that weren’t afraid to dress with a bit of femininity. That doesn’t mean throwing on a skirt and heading out, but it does mean that you shouldn’t be worried about wearing colors and patterns that are typically considered women’s styles.

I mean, if the goal is to attract some women - why not throw in a few pieces of clothing or accessories that women love to see on men?

Here’s a No-No…

Wearing suspenders and a belt.

One or the other will work fine. The look of both together is far too busy and makes you look like you’re afraid your pants will fall down…because perhaps…they don’t fit right…

I recommend just ditching suspenders - sticking to a belt. Suspenders can make your outfit look more like a costume from another time period anyway…and I sometimes think it reminds women of a time period when there wasn’t as much equality.

And here’s a twist –  just go without both — this is an actual cutting-edge style and you shouldn’t need either of these to keep your pants up if they actually fit.

Here’s a last great rule -

If you can’t close your eyes - reach into your closet - and pull out something that you look good in no matter what…

It’s time to empty the closet and get rid of those things you don’t wear or shouldn’t wear.

It reminds of an old meme I saw on the internet:

T-shirts I own: 100

T-shirts I wear: 3

T-shirts I’m willing to get rid of: zero

Remember these rules and you can’t go wrong.

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