Moving Smoothly Through Social Situations Is All About Attitude

by | Nov 2, 2017 | Exclusive Tips Articles |

If we were to ask you the vital resource a man can keep with him during his life, what would it be? Great hair? Great skin? A nice smile to stun and charm those he comes into contact with? Or, like most things, is it what’s under the surface that counts?

The thing that ties everything together is often our attitude, and we neglect it at our peril. Even the smartest suit in the world will look like a clown outfit if we don’t have the attitude to trim its beauty.

What’s beautiful about our potential is our ability to change, and the potential to change our attitude is definitely woven into that. We’d like to list a number of ways in which a positive attitude can help you navigate any situation, but especially the social space.

Attitude Helps You Look Better

While attitude is not something you can physically see, at least not where it springs from, you will be able to see its effects. It will express itself in the way you walk, the eye contact you hold with people, and the respect you bring to conversations. It will imbue your step with a youthful charm no matter your age.

It will draw people to you like a magnet, because everyone wants to be around someone who has a grip on their perspectives. It will help you fill your beautiful clothing that little bit better, even if you’re already wearing the best-tailored suit and Italian necktie. If nothing else, it will increase your self-respect, and of course, that’s one of the most important lessons to keep, as it will dictate how you approach other people.

Attitude Helps Your Honesty

When you feel better about yourself, you are less likely to fall victim to acting defensive. You are more candid with people, because what have you to fear?

You are more able to live according to your own principles, meaning that someone acting negatively towards you is likely to be met with indifference, because why waste your time engaging with them further?

Notice that this is much different to hostility. It is simply understanding that you can’t please everyone, so you are more focused on finding people who appreciate your time, and you theirs. Your attitude will prevent you from ruminating in how to get someone to like you, you simply sit, reflect, and find someone else more to your liking.

Attitude Helps Your Confidence

In a social situation, talking with individuals is much easier when you actually believe, and KNOW that you have something to contribute, even if you don’t know much about the subject being discussed. In these cases, a great attitude will give you the humility to listen.

The adage goes that ‘everyone knows something you don’t know,’ meaning that a world of hidden information and insight exists if you only open your ears to it.

This is why a great attitude will help you grow, adapt and ultimately achieve. No matter who you are in life, what you have been through, and where you believe yourself to be going, a great attitude can always, always, always help you navigate life that little bit smoother. If nothing else, the Stoics of old would have been proud of you.