A Quick Guy Guide To A Good Appearance

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Looking good and feeling good are one and the same thing. You don’t want to focus too heavily on aesthetics because there are more important things in life than appearance.

Looks fade, after all. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t still take pride in the way you look and strive to feel more confident when you look in the mirror.

You might as well work hard to make good impressions; whilst other people may not be too bothered about the way you appear, it could help your self-esteem to feel as if you’re making a powerful mark on people you meet.

The key to looking good as a guy is to put effort into your appearance. You don’t have to be Brad Pitt or a male model to look attractive, believe it or not.

Anybody can be a handsome gentleman. You have the potential even if you don’t yet realize it. This guy guide to a good appearance should give you lots of helpful suggestions to help you on your journey towards being a good-looking and confident man. If you want to feel happier with the way you look then the time to change is now.


Work out.

Obviously, there is no perfect body shape. There are different ways to look physically good. Having a bigger or a smaller figure doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

Either end of the spectrum can be attractive, as can all the shapes and sizes in between. That being said, healthiness should certainly be your goal. You don’t have to be as skinny as a rake or as muscular as a bodybuilder but you should be aiming to fit some sort of physical exercise into your lifestyle to keep your body at a healthy weight so that you simply look… well, healthy.

Being underweight or overweight is just as bad for your health as it is for your appearance, so vanity shouldn’t be the only thing that drives you.

Working out doesn’t have to be overly strenuous. You can start with simple physical activities. Jogging or even briskly walking around your local park for 20 minutes every day will massively improve your health.

You just need to keep your body moving regularly’ that’s the secret to physical fitness. If you’re not bothered about being overly-muscular and simply want to have a healthy figure then find some form of physical activity that you can do daily or a few times a week.

And if you think low testosterone is slowing down your muscle growth or reducing your energy levels then you could look into medical solutions that increase the amount of free testosterone in the body. Sometimes, your body doesn’t fully utilize all the testosterone available. Improvements such as this could improve the results of your workouts and help you achieve a body shape that will make you happier.

Groom your facial hair.

This is an important piece of advice but one that many men seem to have never been given. You need to groom your facial hair.

That messy look isn’t attractive.

This doesn’t mean that you should shave the entire thing off and go for the baby-faced look; it’s understandable that you don’t want to lose your rugged appearance. The key is simply to take care to maintain your hair. If you’re going to have a long beard then keep your hairstyle neat and trimmed.

Alternatively, if you’d rather have messy hair then keep your beard neat and trimmed. Having both a messy beard and messy hair simply looks as if you put no effort into your facial routine. The key to attractiveness as a guy is to always look as if you put thought into your appearance.

That’ll be a common theme throughout this article.


Improve your wardrobe.

Looking better in a natural sense is only part of the battle when it comes to improving your appearance. In the civilized world, the clothes we wear have just as much influence over our appearance as the way we were born. You could have the natural looks of a supermodel but still look awful if you dress dreadfully.

Perhaps you disagree because you can think of many fashion trends involving vintage clothing that looks old and tattered but that’s the thing: it looks intentionally “bad”. When it comes to looking fashion, the intention is everything. Whatever you wear, it has to look calculated if you want it to look cool. It has to look as if you’ve put thought into your outfit. That’s why you should buy outfits which fit you as if they were tailor-made.

Simplistic design is fine (you don’t need to start buying designer clothes to fit in with trends); all that matters is your clothes look so well suited to your natural shape that it appears as if you’ve put a lot of time and thought into your wardrobe.

You should also accessorize appropriately. As mentioned above, fashion doesn’t need to be complex. You don’t need to wear extravagant outfits in order to make an impression; you can keep your fashion design simple and still look good. Still, it can help to add a few accessories to help bring a basic outfit to life.

Watches, rings, and cufflinks are always good additions to any outfit. They’re understated additions to your appearance but those tiny details make all the difference. It shows the world that you’re a man who pays attention to every last aspect of your appearance. Essentially, it makes your outfit look impressive because you put so much effort into it.

As mentioned in the last paragraph, good fashion has to look intentional even if it’s intentionally casual or vintage. You don’t have to start wearing outfits that are bold and “out there”.

Be hygienic.

Whilst it may feel as if being manly means you should go for the rough, care-free look, that doesn’t mean you should shun the importance of hygiene.

Don’t buy into common misconceptions and stereotypes about what it takes to be a “real man”. Being unhygienic isn’t just unhealthy but it’s a bad move for your appearance. Using deodorant to mask the fact that you didn’t shower today will only get you so far.

Keep your body clean but think about other forms of hygiene that are physically noticeable too. For example, dental health is very important. Good oral hygiene helps prevent gum disease and tooth loss; but, most importantly, keeping your teeth clean makes them look better too. You can have a gleaming manly smile without turning to teeth whitening solutions.

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