What Image Are You Projecting To The World?

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One thing that a lot of men seem to focus on is the fact that no one seems to focus that much on what they’re like “on the inside.”

Now, I’m not going to tell you that what’s on the inside doesn’t matter, because it obviously does. As cliched and predictable as it might be, what you’re like on the inside is infinitely more important than what you look like or anything superficial like that. That being said, there’s only one way for the world around you to actually see what you’re like on the inside and that’s for you to show it who you are.

It doesn’t matter what you’re like underneath, people around you can only ever get an idea of who you are based on what your project out into the world. If you’re projecting something that doesn’t reflect who you really are, then you’re never going to be perceived the way that you want to.

With that in mind, here are some things that can have an incredibly significant impact on the way that the world sees you.


It might sound shallow, but first impressions count for a lot. When you walk into a room the kind of style that you have can tell people a lot about what you’re like as a person.

Now, some people will tell you that you have to dress a certain way to get people to take your seriously or find you attractive, but the truth is you can have any style you want, you just need to know how to pull it off. It doesn’t matter if you prefer formal styles or something a little more simple and casual, the key is to wear your clothes with a sense of pride and understanding of how to make them look good. This means things like finding clothes that actually fit and choosing colours that look good together.

Not only that but you should have a style for any occasion. Whether it’s casual clothes for hanging out with friends, or a suit for a formal occasion. If you do need a suit, you really do need to make sure it fits. You can find custom suits here which can guarantee you the best possible fit and style.

If you’re wearing a suit that’s two sizes too big it’s just going to make you look like a child playing dress up.


Look, this really shouldn’t be something that needs to be spelt out for you, but apparently, there are plenty of guys out there who didn’t get the memo.

If you don’t groom yourself properly, you’re going to give people the impression that you don’t take proper care of yourself. If you’re smelly or unwashed, then that’s going to give people a pretty solid idea of what to think of you. Taking regular showers, looking after your hair, and basically making yourself less unpleasant to be near to really isn’t that much of a challenge, and yet a lot of guys simply can’t manage it at all.

Put in the effort, you’ll be glad you did.


Not every guy needs to be ripped and spend every single day at the gym. However, if you’re spending all of your time lounging around on the couch doing nothing, then that’s going to show in your appearance.

Not only that but if you’re out of shape, it’s going to make a lot of things in life a heck of a lot harder than they would be anyway. The last thing you want is to find yourself getting winded going down the stairs.

Not only does staying in shape show people that you care about looking after your body, but it shows that you have the kind of discipline required to keep up any kind of solid workout regime.


A lot of guys tend to feel as though they get passed over for a lot of things, whether that’s promotions, dates, or anything else, for guys who they feel are less deserving of them. These guys then assume that there’s some kind of unfairness holding them back.

The truth is actually a lot more simple than that: people respond to confidence, plain and simple. If a man is able to hold himself confidently, speak clearly, and have a commanding presence, then people are going to pay attention to him. Trying to hide all of the time is just going to make life that much harder for you.

Being confident and putting yourself out there can be tough but it’s much better to embrace it than it is to try and shy away from it.

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If you’ve got a chip on your shoulder for whatever reason, then people are going to notice. No one is going to be interested in being around someone who spends all of their time complaining about how they never get a fair shake. If there are things about yourself and your life that you’re not happy with, you’re the only one with the power to change them.

The reality is that often the only difference between the man who fails and the man who succeeds is their attitude. The man who fails will give up and blame the world for his shortcomings. The man who succeeds will learn from his past mistakes and use them to grow and improve as a person in the future.

Now, the key is not necessarily to change all of these things about yourself. The truth is that you may well be presenting many of these aspects of yourself exactly how you want to.

The important thing is that you think more carefully about how you’re presenting yourself to the world. If you’re able to do that, then you can much more effectively tailor the way that the world sees you so that you’re able to show people what you’re really like. That way you’re not changing yourself, you’re just letting the value that you already have as a person shine through.

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