4 Things A Girl Always Notices About Your Looks

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Now I’m not saying you have to be the spitting image of a Greek god to have a successful date, far from it in fact. However, a lady will notice your appearance when you head out with them, and that is why it’s worth putting in some effect beforehand. Especially in the key areas listed below. Read on to find out more.

Your shoes

It’s a funny thing, but shoes can really make or break a man. You might not know this but show actually say a lot about your style, and your level of awareness in the fashion and trends stakes. Get them wrong, and they can throw you whole outfits askew and really put that lady you are wooing off.

The most important things about selecting shoes are that they are stylish. That means high street shoe stores trainers are out and things like limited edition sneakers or boots are in.

Also, remember to make sure that they fit well with the pants you are wearing. That means, as a rule, work sneakers with jeans and shoes with chinos, unless the weather calls for something more practical. Then make sure that you take another pair to change into when you get to the movies or the restaurant.

Your hair

Something that the lady in your life will definitely notice on a date is your hair. That means a little extra addition in this area when you are getting ready won’t go amiss.

Always have clean hair, unless it is totally unmanageable when it’s just washed, and then make sure to use a product that gives it a pleasant smell. You may want to get close after all.

Also, take some time to style it, but don’t overload it with product. Too much gel doesn’t do anyone any favors, and unless you are heading out to the Jersey Shore less is definitely more.

Your smell

Always make sure that you smell great on a date. There is no exception to this rule. Smelling good not only demonstrates the bare basics like you actually have personal hygiene and wash your own clothes, but the science of smell goes way deep than that.

In fact, some experts believe that smell is the most powerful of all the senses and it acts as a stimulus to mood and memory. That means you definitely want her to think of you when she smells something good rather than something bad.

To achieve this use cologne or aftershave, but steer clear of overusing those aerosol body sprays, as you want to impress her not gas her out with your odor.

Whether things are clean

Egg stains down the front of your t-shirt is a no-no. Picking your favorite hoodie out of the wash bin to wear again on a date is a no-no, Wearing jeans that could stand up and walk away on their own because they haven’t been washed for ages is a no-no.

Basically clean clothes are always something you should be wearing on a date. If not, at best she will think you are sloppy, and at worst she may suspect that you just don’t care. Not a feeling that leads to too many successfully date, so get organized and get your outfit washed and pressed well beforehand

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