5 Options When The Love Of Your Life Quits Your Relationship

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Hey guys - keep in mind…this is coming from the perspective of a woman. I’m trying to help. Remember also - if you follow the advice and classes here at MML you probably won’t end up in this situation to begin with! There is a link below if you want to learn to try and get her back as well.

With that said…

It doesn’t matter how long your relationship lasted, it still hurts. Getting dumped is rejection, and we’re just not built to handle that very well. Part of what you do next will be the raw reaction to that rejection. The rest of it will hopefully come from a place of sensibility and clear thinking on the reality of the situation.

It takes two to break up. There is always a reason the relationship fails. So what are you going to do about it?


When you’re treated badly or get a poor service in a restaurant, you complain. For some reason, we seem to automatically complain when we feel rejected too.

You might publicly shame her, highlighting all the things you claim you don’t like about her. Obviously, if they actually were an issue you never would have got together. Don’t be unkind or even public about the breakup. It will lead to conflict and do you no favors.


Rejection makes us feel pretty bad about ourselves. It bruises the ego in the least and can even cost you your self-confidence. Heading straight out to find a rebound date can help restore that confidence.

Getting a girl to smile at you, laugh at your jokes, and want to be with you certainly strokes the ego. But is she the one you want? Does it address the real reason you’re hurting so bad right now?

Get her back

If you’ve pushed her away and not been attentive to the relationship, then it’s no wonder she left you. These issues can be fixed though. Repairing a broken relationship isn’t exactly easy though, and you can easily make things worse by being pushy.

There is a lot of detailed advice at getherbackguide.com that might offer you some insight into what is best to do next. If she’s the love of your life, then it makes sense to work toward winning her back and making her feel amazing again.

Sulk on the couch

You know…cry….This option can actually be quite good for your emotional and mental well being. Letting all those emotions out in private helps you to come to terms with your loss. Wallowing wholeheartedly into your grief is good for the soul, sometimes. If you’re struggling with this process,

it might be worth speaking to a counsellor. You’ve suffered a loss, and the absence of that person radically changes your daily routine and lifestyle. Go on - cry about it for a while.

Invest in you

Maintaining and nurturing a relationship can sometimes feel like a full-time job. When was the last time you spent a whole day taking care of you?

When did you last get to do exactly what you felt like doing without having to worry about how somebody else feels? Now your girlfriend is gone you can fill your days with personal projects, hobbies, and spending time with the guys. Start studying again, or simply spend the night in the sports bar.

Why not? How do you get over a breakup? Try not to break up in the first place… : )

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