How to Thank Your Bros for Being Your Groomsmen

by | Dec 24, 2017 | Style and Dating |

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Weddings are among the most complicated and time-consuming to arrange. Oftentimes, it’s easier to get an expensive wedding planner to sort everything out for you. However, if you decide to take matters into your own hands, you’re going to need more than just one pair.

That’s where your groomsmen come in. These guys will make all the effort in renting tuxedos, going to rehearsal dinners, helping out with arrangements, organizing the bachelor party, being ushers at the wedding proper, and looking good beside you at the altar.

Sure, it’s fine to just say your deepest, most sincere “Thank you” to each of your buddies after doing a fine job. But why not go the extra mile? It’s only appropriate to give them something in return for their hard work, aside from thanking all of them on your reception speech.

Benefit of a Plus-One

Most weddings are very intimate, and guests are individually sent invitations that serve as entrance passes. Every person is accounted for in weddings, but as thank-you for coming to and helping out, you can allow your groomsmen to each bring an additional guest.

Just ask them about whom they are taking so you can add them to the guest list. If in case taking a plus-one is not an option your wedding, you can politely decline.

Give Them Each a Gift

One of the best ways to thank people is to give them gifts. Sure, you’re the one who should be receiving gifts on your wedding, but you’ll be getting a lot of it, obviously. So splurge a little bit more for your buds as a way of saying “Thank you.”

The best gifts to give out are the personalized ones. Wedding shops now sell crazy and unique gifts for groomsmen for all eccentrics out there.

A common gift to give is a groomsman box, a kit that contain groomsman essentials. The box can contain a number of things: a mini liquor bottle, a cigar, the wedding invitation, socks, necktie, handkerchief, and some cufflinks.

It’s an all-in-one gift, and you have the freedom to choose what items to include in the box. What’s important is you consider each object to be received by each person, on whether they need it or not.

Return the Favor

Lastly, if ever one of your bros are getting hitched and asks you to be his groomsman, make sure to return the favor and gladly say yes. It’s an honor and a responsibility to be asked as a groomsman. You also know well what problems they may encounter during their own weddings, so lend a helping hand in their wedding preparations.

Despite the stress, weddings are once-in-a-lifetime events of pure bliss and love. And the love you give shouldn’t be limited to that one special person. Thus, showing gratitude to your friends is just as appropriate to do during your wedding as it is in other special occasions. Don’t worry about not getting something in return.


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