Your Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Engagement Ring

by | Jan 12, 2018 | Exclusive Tips Articles, Men's Products Reviews |

So - you’ve decided to pop the question…or maybe you’re just thinking about it and doing some pricing research….

Either way - it’s time to learn how to get the perfect engagement ring.

Modern Male Lifestyle has partnered with our friends at PrimeStyle who have presented the awesome info guide featured below to help with all the details.

There is so much more than walking into a jeweler when it comes to pulling off this exciting and tricky navigation. You have to do some homework and be prepared!

This is all a skill set - and hopefully one you only need once : )

For instance - are you familiar with “the 4 Cs” of diamond quality?

How about her ring size? How do you get that info without giving away the surprise?

What are the types of stones? The cuts? The metals? Have you set a budget?

White gold? Yellow? Platinum? Princess cut or solitaire? It goes on and on and can be confusing if you don’t know the basics or even where to start.

Okay - settle down.

To help lessen your worries, PrimeStyle has put together an ultimate guide on how to pick an engagement ring that your soon-to-be fiancé will absolutely love.

One that she’ll be excited to show off to friends and family - because you took the time to learn the details, incorporate her personality and style, and get the most ring for your budget.

So dive into our guide and tips, and get ready to get that big “Yes!!” when you pop the question and present her ring!

Prime Style Engagement Ring Guide