What Do You Do When Your Girl Is Better Than You

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So, are girls better than boys? Maybe so…haha…but perhaps you’ve been in situation: you see a cute girl and then have the mindset that she is clearly too good for you. Not she is only sexy, sporty and smart; she is also the life and soul of the party.

Her sense of humor is immaculate; this girl loves animals, has a Black Belt in martial arts and plays Skyrim like a pro. Although you think she is too cool for you, do not despair, but rejoice that you managed to snatch this tidbit. We decided to find out if the girls are really better than boys and why girls are better than boys.

Take care of your body

The importance of working out - girls do it better. So, thin or fat, whether you became a victim of McDonald’s or a strong wind that can carry you away, the conclusion is only one: you must go to the gym.

To be close to her beauty and look dignified, you must tirelessly work on your body. Besides that, men always hit on beautiful women, whether they are taken or not. If you are more like a WW2 prisoner, you can hardly defend her.

She will not leave you, of course, but you will have a bitter sediment of your weakness. In the end, she will be pleased when her boyfriend has a body of the ancient Greek god. Online girls like well-groomed guys, too.

Constantly develop

Some say girls are better than boys when it comes to self-development. Of course, it does not mean all girls are great at self-development. This is nothing but a modern tendency. Your girlfriend is intelligent, beautiful and versatile.

All that you have learned is to fart with your armpit.

Maybe she loves you for kindness and originality, but you have to become better. Read, learn new skills, find a hobby that you, by the way, can do together. A girlfriend should see how you grow, because a girl always wants to be with an intelligent and versatile man.

A job is your business card

If you are a couch potato, you are unlikely to feel self-sufficient even with an average girlfriend. You must have a trade in which you can maintain a family and enchant your woman. A man without a job will not feel confident, and if he still lives at the expense of his chosen one, then such relations will not go far.

Think about it. And look for a job, of course, if you are not 14 years old.

Behave like a gentleman

If you are not a man with a pretty face or suffer from lack of charisma - manners should fill this flaw. Be a real gentleman for her, who will carry her over a puddle and make her feel like a real queen. You may not be handsome, but a worthy treatment will always be that quality that she will appreciate in you.

If you are an infantile mumbler, do something about it!

Perhaps she fell in love with you for a refined inner world and a spiritual constitution, but she did not take into account infantility and lack of initiative.

If you were next to a bright and cheerful girl, then she is worth revising the overviews of the world. Change your life position: be more cheerful and active. Only in this case you will have every chance to keep such a girlfriend and not become her shadow.

Do not you dare to humiliate her because of your insecurity

How do you like the why are girls better than boys question. Irritating, huh? If your self-doubt ever grows into a hatred, it will only mean one thing: you do not hold out to her level.

If a woman near you causes ecstasy and a natural desire to develop, then you have chosen the right path that leads to the person.

But in a situation where you are deliberately looking for flaws and making fun of them, joking at a girlfriend in the company and understating her dignity, you cannot call yourself a man. Love her, respect and develop, so that in the future she will equal you and reach for your level.

She likes you anyway

Whatever you like, she chose you. Maybe you find yourself ridiculous and awkward, but do not think about it every minute.

Perhaps, this is the quality she values and loves. But once again, recall that this resource will not extend further relations. So be prepared for the fact that there is a lot of work to be done about yourself, not only physically, but also spiritually.

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