Spring Wardrobe Essentials

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Each season presents you with a range of new styles to think about and work with, and as we transition into spring, your wardrobe is ready for a refresh.

A spring wardrobe is all about layers - cold and wet days will still be the norm for a while, but with surprising, and very welcome, bouts of sunshine coming through, you don’t want to be caught short and look out of place in a winter jacket.


Printed Shirts

Short sleeved shirts are the best foundation. With warmer weather comes lighter colors, and floral prints are back again this year. With the fun injection of mandala and paisley prints.

Long-line shirts are great for a casual look and adds interest into any outfit. Keep it light and keep it simple, with a round neck, chest pocket and folded sleeves, where can you go wrong?

Button Down

Layer your shirt with an open button down. Mix between thicker flannel and cotton, and don’t worry about the shade. Mixing a light shirt with a darker button down creates interest and depth.

It also works to broaden the shoulders, and slims your body. The light strip in the middle draws the eyes, and the darker sides take a step back, giving a slimming illusion.


Artfully ripped or worn is the way forward this spring. Don’t bare too much skin, but the casually worn out pant is a fashionable and masculine look. For a date, however, go for a darker dye, with clean lines and a turned up cuff.


For the casual look stay with a good pair of sneakers. Look at the new Nike Air Jordan, with dark colours highlighted with white and gold, they are right on trend this year. Boots are still an option going into spring, look at Dr Martens and Urban Outfitters for inspiration.

Keeping Warm


Nothing can beat made in USA sweatshirts - good quality and a fresh look. Unlike winter knits, you want to keep your spring sweatshirts plain and simple, and again introduce some lighter colors. Cotton and jersey should replace wool. And if you again want that slimming illusion, wear an open zip-up hoodie in a darker shade, over your shirt.


For those chillier days a woolen overcoat is still a great option, but leave the sweatshirt at home - you don’t want to over layer. They are also great for dates as they present a cleaner and more together look. Stick with navy and black for a slimming look, or introduce camel and sand for a lighter, fresh appearance.


It’s time to abandon the knitted scarves we love so much behind. That doesn’t mean that you can’t wear one at all. But swap the oversized for slim, and the wool for cashmere. Simple changes can make a huge difference.

Stay Dry

Trench Coat

Look at the new Burbury line for inspiration. A good trench coat should be tailored, lightweight, but water-proof. They are perfect for dates, work and casual walks. Team with chelsea boots or brogues for the best combination. Keep it light in camel or sand.


As mentioned, chelsea boots are great for spring, but the suede finish might not be the best in water. So, either apply a waterproofing spray to your boots, or opt for leather boots instead.


And who said men can’t use an umbrella? Keep it masculine with a simple black or navy, and make sure it’s big enough for two - who knows when you’ll meet someone who needs some cover from the rain.

Face and Hair


With the return of the sun, you should be introducing a slightly higher sunscreen factor into your skin care routine. Still use a deeply moisturizing cream against the wind and rain.


Haircuts are staying short-back-and-sides, with the longer top to style. Look at Mariano Di Vaio for inspiration there. But the casual wind-swept look is coming back. Rather than shaving to a grade one or two, the sides are getting a little longer, and the rigid quaffed look is slowly disappearing. A style with movement and depth is the way forward.


It’s still here! Keep it tidy and and trimmed. Use oil and a styling pomade to keep it under control, and maintain the odd hairs riding high on the cheeks. Never let your ‘stache overlap your lip, it’s an unattractive feature and not great to kiss.

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