4 Common Things That Happen When You Date Interracially

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Gone are the days that interracial couples are illegal. Nowadays, there is no law whatsoever that forbids a union between two parties of different races. It is also easy to date interracially nowadays because of the best interracial dating sites available not only online but also worldwide.

However, acceptance of interracial dating has not yet dominated in the minds of the majority of people. Some still find these interracial couples as something out of the norms.

Because of these issues concerning interracial dating and races, many couples who are of different race experience prejudice like no other. These experiences may be both helpful and insulting at the same time. Though there are a lot of things that you will experience when you date interracially, here are four of the common things that will happen to you.

Too Much Staring

He’s Black and you’re Asian or whichever race you and your partner are this the number one thing that will happen to you. When you walk around town hand in hand, expect a lot of stares.

Whether those stares are of approval, of confusion, of disgust, or whatever onlookers are feeling when they see you and your partner, they are all stares. When you date interracially, expect that people will begin judging you by their stares.

Too Many Annoying Questions

People you knew will definitely ask a lot of questions that are really annoying to say at least. They will ask seemingly harmless questions like “Where is your boyfriend/girlfriend from?”, “Why did you decide to date someone out of your race?”, “What do your parents think of him/her?”, or “Do you have trouble understanding each other?”.

Though these questions are asked out of curiosity, if those questions are repeatedly asked by every person who finds out about your partner, it gets really annoying. You will feel like your partner is some sort of alien and people think that you have a different type of brain to decide on dating him/her.

Too Much Attention For The Future

These type of treatment is normally experienced by interracial couples from their friends and family. They may approve your relationship but expect them to keep on gushing on your future as a married couple and your future children.

They will think about how are you going to live together and keep up your cultural differences and how each of you is going to adapt to the foreign culture.

They will point out the future problems that you will encounter as a married couple just because you are of different races as if couples of the same race do not experience those similar problems.

Another thing is your future children. Biracial babies are known to be good-looking and uncommon ones. You will feel like they are happy for you because you will breed good-looking creatures into the world as if you and your partner are some high breed dogs.

Too Many Misconceptions

Another annoying thing about interracial dating reaction is the many misconceptions that are surprisingly widely accepted. People believe a lot of wrong notions about interracial dating like it symbolizes anti-racism, equality among all races, and a godly act.

Just because you are dating interracially, that does not mean that you are not racist. You will still have those stereotyping thoughts that your partner speaks, acts and reacts certain ways due to his and her race.

Just because you have a partner outside your race, that does not imply that you are contributing to racial equality. Racial equality is a matter of political views and laws and not of love between interracial couples. It also does not imply that you are above others for dating interracially.

We had come along way from legalizing interracial couples in numerous parts of the world. However, there is still a long way to go before everyone will stop the prejudice and learn to accept interracial couples as if it is nothing different from other couples. However, do not let these issues discourage you from dating someone out of your race.

Be together with your interracial partner not because you two are of different races but because you love each other. It is just pure love and nothing else.

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