3 Micro-Judgments Women Make When Choosing Men

by | Feb 1, 2018 | Exclusive Tips Articles |

In the dating world, everyone is making judgments.

Some of those judgments are snap ones, based off a single photo (we’re looking at you, Tinder) or a one-line conversation. These micro-judgments are ultimately what make us decide whether or not to continue seeing someone, and if you fail the micro-judgments, then you’re going to find yourself out in the dating cold.

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To pass this most rigorous, early test, you can’t rely on your shining personality and ability to put someone at ease. These are helpful traits, but you will find yourself unable to even showcase them if you fail the micro-judgments.

Below are the three immediate assessments women will make of a potential date- and it’s up to you to make sure you sail through with flying colors.

Micro-judgment #1: Fitness

It’s only natural that women judge the fitness of a man; in prehistoric times, a man’s fitness levels could mean the difference between life and death. We might not be in the wild anymore, but a woman wants to see that you’re in control of your body and in good shape.

If you’re not, then change it. Book a session with a personal trainer or grab a pair of compression socks from www.sockwellsocks.com and get running.

You’re in control of this micro-judgment, and it’s up to you to ensure you don’t immediately put someone off because you appear to have a lackadaisical approach to physical fitness.

Micro-judgment #2: Confidence

Confidence attracts women; this is well known, and helps to explain why not-great-looking-guys are still able to make a big impression on women.

You could be the most divinely handsome man the world has ever known, but without confidence, you’re going to struggle for success.

Exuding confidence is possible even if you don’t feel it; www.cnbc.com has some useful tips on this. Eventually, you should begin to feel more confident naturally; the old “fake it until you make it” adage very much applies here.

Micro-judgment #3: Grooming

Grooming is important not just for your overall physical presentation, but for what it says about you as a potential mate. If you take the time to carefully focus on grooming, it suggests that you’re the kind of guy who has got his life together.

You understand the importance of looking good (which shows empathy and good judgment) and you then take the time to make sure you go through a grooming ritual (which shows dedication and attention to detail).

If you have a beard, trim and maintain it. Don’t pick your nails. Use a hand cream to ensure that your hands are soft for that all-important first handshake. Take a lint brush to your clothes before you leave the house and trim off any loose threads or buttons. Essentially, make an effort, attending to every aspect of your appearance to create an overall smooth, seamless effect.

In conclusion

If you focus on the areas above, you can be confident of sailing through the micro-judgments and moving onto the next level of interaction. Enjoy.


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