Feeling Thin On Top? Slow Down Baldness

by | Feb 24, 2018 | Exclusive Tips Articles |

We can’t stop the clocks and that means that, unfortunately, many of us are unable to halt the signs of aging. One of the most noticeable signs of aging that hits us guys has to be thinning hair and a receding hairline.

No man ever wants to lose their hair; after all, just look at what happened to Samson!

Not too keen on going bald and losing all the power that your hair brings? Hopefully, some of the following remedies can help you!

Eat Better

If you have been eating poorly lately, your hair could be taking the brunt of your bad diet. A lot of sugary and fatty foods isn’t good for any part of the body, let alone your mop on top.

The hair needs a lot of essential oils that can be found in the likes of nuts, avocado, and oily fish. You can find some more tasty ideas of what to eat for improved hair health in this list.

Use Shampoo With Caffeine

Next time you are shopping for shampoo take a look at the ones that say they fight baldness. Some shampoos make claims that they can’t keep, unfortunately.

However, that’s not the case with caffeine shampoos. The caffeine helps to stimulate growth, which means your hair will be thicker in no time. You should also look for shampoos that contain ketoconazole, which is another chemical in some shampoos that can prevent premature hair loss.

Get A Hair Transplant

If you already have considerable hair loss, there might not be much that a change in your diet or shampoo can do for you. To fix substantial hair loss, it might be better off heading straight to The Canadian Hair Transplant Centre to see what solutions they can offer you. Using surgical hair restoration techniques, you can ensure you keep a thick head of hair for longer!

Deal With Stress Levels

One of the main causes of premature hair loss is stress. Think that might be why you’re starting to go thin on top? If so, you should consider ways to better manage your stress levels.

You might want to start attending yoga classes or take part in meditation courses. It’s also worth trying to get more shut-eye at night, as an improved sleep schedule can effectively combat excess stress.

Get More Vitamin D

Your hair loss might also be caused by a lack of vitamin D. Some recent studies into baldness have shown a strong link between a deficit of this vitamin and some hair-loss conditions, including alopecia. So, if you think this might be your reason for baldness, it’s a good idea to start taking some vitamin D supplements.

Eating plenty of eggs, fortified cereals, and wholemeal bread can also increase your daily intake.

Hopefully, one of the points in this blog post can lead you to your perfect baldness cure. You might even find that it’s necessary to follow a few different solutions for the best results. Let us know what works for you!