Style: It’s About More Than What You Wear

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Whether it’s to woo women, to get the respect you deserve, or simply to both feel and look confident, there’s no denying that a man has to have style.

When we think of style, our first thoughts, naturally, go to the clothes on our back. They play a big role but thinking that a good wardrobe will be enough to achieve the style you want is a mistake. What else goes into it? We’re going to take a look at the different elements, all of which need to work in your favor if you really want the regard you deserve.

How you hold yourself

The best-fitted suit in the world isn’t going to do you much good if you don’t look confident wearing it. Confidence isn’t just something you have, it’s something you project.

Language can be effective, but body language is critical. If you don’t look like you have much belief in yourself, why would anyone else? Perfecting body language is about paying attention to your posture, ensuring that you’re in an upright, broad but relaxed pose, maintaining a decent stride, and even practicing smiling.

Not only does it make you look a lot more confident, but it acts as a self-fulfilling prophecy. Practice that self-belief, and you feel it, too.

How you take care of yourself

There’s no denying that man who keeps himself in good shape is going to have a lot more success not just with other women, but with the men who will respect you more. You don’t have to look like a supermodel, simply look like you take care of yourself. Getting into exercise does physical and mental health a lot of good, helping to get rid of the anxiety and self-consciousness that can let a lot of men down.

There’s no denying the physical attraction element, too. Once you get used to working out, start targeting the muscle groups that most women are attracted to and you will see a huge difference in how the opposite sex treats you.

How you groom

A lot of guys make a key mistake when thinking about self-grooming. They think that they’re managing the rugged look, which certainly has its appeal when really, they might look sloppy. It’s just exercise, fine grooming is just another way of showing that you have control over yourself and your body.

We can’t forget the importance of hygiene, either. You don’t have to douse yourself in cologne every single day. Just a few dabs every time you’re about to leave the house makes you a much more pleasant and memorable person to be around. Don’t forget that the sense of smell is one of the most powerful and emotionally evocative ones out there.

What you drive

When you start learning about what really drives interactions between men and women, you’ll learn all about sexual signals. Not just flirting and physical attractiveness, but the secondary sexual signals that women pick up on, too.

Fashion is one of them but there’s no denying that women look at vehicles as a mark of status and personality. Guys do it, too, but for a different reason. A man needs a man’s ride.

There’s no denying the appeal of the motorcycle, and it might be worth taking a look to browse the inventory of your local dealer, just to see if there’s anything that has that rugged, masculine draw. Whatever you ride or whatever you drive, take good care of it. Just think of it as another thing you wear.

What accessories you wear

It’s not quite clothing, but accessories should most certainly be part of the outfit that gets as much, if not even more consideration. Again, these are secondary sexual and social signals. Again, they can be displays of wealth, of self-care, of confidence.

You might have already heard the fact that women tend to check two things on a man first: his wrist and his feet. Though they might seem obsolete, a good watch is still a great statement piece on a man.

A good pair of shoes (or more than a pair) is necessary, however. Showing up to a date or a less informal social gathering in your usual pair of sneakers is going to impress precisely no-one.

How you speak

Another factor tying into how you hold yourself and how you take care of your body, your speech is just as much part of your self-image. Confidence is crucial when speaking, and there’s one factor that gets in the way of confident speech for most men. They simply don’t think before they speak.

Practice taking a little more time to fully compose your sentences before you open your mouth. It will result in much less faltering, less stammering, and less verbal ticks like “y’know” or “like”. A little of this can make you seem relaxed and informal but too much and you look like you simply don’t hold much stock in what you’re actually saying.

How you don’t speak

Another huge factor in confident speech is learning not to talk too much. Awkward silences are one problem, but constant talking is a huge put off to women, who will think you’re a windbag, to men, who will start to think you’re making up for a lack of real things to say. Again, one of the keys is having a firmer plan for what you’re going to say.

Think of a point, stick to it, then wait for a response. If you’re noticing you’re not getting one, it might be because you’ve gone on a little too long and eliminated any room for the other to communicate back. When that happens, remember to ask a question, one that prompts a bit of self-reflection or gives the other the opportunity to think about them.

Conversation is an exchange. You might have the best ideas in the world, but if the other doesn’t see the chance to share anything of their own, they won’t be interested in what you’re offering.

Style is an in-depth factor of life and it can take some style to achieve it in all the ways that matter. The tips above should give you a good idea of where to start, but you have to keep working at it. Nothing worth having comes easy, after all.



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