10 Style Habits of Successful Men

by | Mar 21, 2018 | Guest Posts |

Clothes make the man. It’s not an accident that successful men dress well and appear neat nearly every time. A well-dressed man is more likely to be trusted and listened to by other people.

There’s more to dressing well than fine clothes. Every successful man knows that good grooming, wearing tailor-fit clothes, and other habits are keys to projecting the right image and vibe to command attention and respect.

Maintain Proper Grooming

 Good grooming speaks volumes. Like it or not, people will build their first impression of you based on your appearance. A clean haircut, trimmed nails, clear skin, and tidy clothes show people that you take care of yourself.

It shows awareness and responsibility of your personal welfare, which translates into other aspects in your life (e.g., work, relationships, etc.). Successful men keep their appearance and their work spaces neat all the time. It creates structure, saving time and energy.

Wear Clothes That Fit

 No matter how good the material and how attractive the style, your clothes won’t look good on you unless they fit. If you haven’t tried getting your clothes tailored yet, then it’s time to do it now.

Tailor-fit clothes instantly enhance your appearance, making you look more stylish even when you’re wearing basic apparel. Just look at how male celebrities look good in a simple white shirt and denim jeans.

 Stick to Plains

 Put aside your graphic tees and loud-patterned clothes. Plain solid-colored clothes are better for a serious and mature vibe. Look at successful men like Mark Zuckerburg, Tim Cook, and Jeff Bezos. What do these men have in common when it comes to style?

That’s right; they all prefer wearing plains.

Solid-colored plains set a firm tone of “let’s get right down to business” while maintaining versatility. You don’t have to completely avoid prints and patterns. Subtle designs can work well for setting the same professional vibe.

 Dress in Neutral Colors

 Another thing that’s common in the way successful men dress is their penchant for wearing neutral colors. It’s no wonder. Clothes in neutral color are easier to mix and match.

Neutral colors are also less overpowering, so they set a neat, professional vibe. The standard neutral colors include black, brown, gray, khaki, navy, olive, and white.

Choose Shoes for the Occasion

 As the adage goes, you can judge a person by their shoes. A survey on shoes and their wearers found that people can judge your age, income, and attachment anxiety based on your shoes.

If you look at successful men and male celebrities, you’ll notice that, more often than not, they have on clean, shined, high-quality leather shoes.

Buy Quality Clothes

 The fabric dictates the quality of your clothes. When inspecting the fabric, check for the construction, weight, and weave. High-quality clothes usually have 100 percent of the base materials. Some percentage of other materials is sometimes necessary to add stretch and protection to the clothes, but you don’t want something that goes below 95 percent of the base material.

Avoid flimsy garments, especially in pants and jackets. You should also check the weave of the clothes for imperfections. Bumps, knots, and loose strings can spell wear and damage in the immediate future. Fine clothes are essential in the style of successful men. It’s not just about luxury; it’s also about having the best for the best.

Get the Classics

 When it comes to style, you never go wrong with the classics. A tailor-fit white dress shirt with matching navy suit and a tasteful tie is a timeless outfit that’s both professional and stylish. Classic pieces are perfect for men who are just beginning to develop their personal style. They’re easy to mix and match, and they look good on nearly every body type.

Protect Your Devices

 A successful man knows the value of taking care of his devices. For example, smartphones are essential tools to stay connected to people and be aware of new developments. They can also contain important and confidential data. That’s why smartphone security is a top priority.

Unfortunately, it’s not just internal damage you have to look out for. A simple fall or bump can crack or break your phone, rendering it useless. Using a carbon fiber phone case can easily solve the problem. Carbon fiber is the same material used in Lamborghinis and some spacecraft, and it’s lightweight and durable.

Keep Interchangeable Wardrobes

 There are many benefits to an interchangeable wardrobe. It’s easier to find pieces to combine and create an attire. An interchangeable wardrobe cuts shopping time since you can just get similar pieces. It’s also economical because you don’t have to purchase different pieces to coordinate an outfit.

The clothes you wear convey a message, something you can control with an interchangeable wardrobe. Many successful men adopt this habit to save time and mental energy, as well as to have definite control over one aspect of their image.

Wear Your Confidence

 You don’t need expensive jewelry. Confidence is your best accessory. What set a successful man apart from the ordinary people are his undeniable self-assuredness and charisma. Whether you’re in a simple black turtleneck or chic black-and-white suit, wearing your confidence on your sleeve will command people’s attention and respect.

Ready to Dress for Success?

 You’ve read some of the style habits of successful men. Now it’s time to adopt them as your own. Which habit suits your needs and style? Your comfort and preferences play a key role in giving you the confidence to dress for success.

However, there are some things that are essential to project the right image. Good grooming and wearing well-fitted clothes are on every successful man’s list of style habit. They’re absolutely nonnegotiable.