Weirdly Wonderful Lifestyle Traits Which Impress The Ladies

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Guys, dating isn’t easy in the age of Tinder, Bumble, and the rest of the online dating apps. It seems as if standing out from the crowd has gotten a lot harder in recent months.

Sadly, if you don’t have a profile picture inside the historical site of Machu Picchu, it’s a left swipe kind of deal. Whatever happened to the art of speaking to a woman in person?!

The answer is it has disappeared, but it’s well within a guy’s interest to bring it back. Think Backstreet Boys but without the terrible 90s fashion sense and fancy dance moves. There are certain personality traits that women love and they don’t hide the fact. And, the best way to “peacock” them is to stand face-to-face and go au naturel.

As scary as it sounds, it’s not half as frightening as you may imagine once you learn the traits which the ladies dig. Seriously, tall, dark and handsome don’t come into the equation. Okay, they do, but they’re not as important as the following.


You may think this has something to do with looks, and you’d be right. However, there is a subtext to a man who looks after his appearance. Sure, he’s ruggedly handsome in a Pierce Brosnan sort of way, but he’s also a safe bet.

At least, it’s what women tend to see because they relate grooming with lifestyle. Let’s face it – they aren’t too far off the mark. Anyone who can’t take care of their hair or bread, say, isn’t going to be able to take care of a family. I mean, they will get by but won’t have the attributes the opposite sex looks for in a partner.

Therefore, things such as messy locks, a bushy beard (unless they are into it) and a stained t-shirt aren’t going to make a positive first impression. Instead, try to keep everything nice and neat when you’re out on the street or in a bar and strike up a conversation. A tip: glasses never go amiss.

And Stylish

Obviously, the ladies like it when they look at their man and think “oh, he looks good!” David Gandy is a world-renowned male model for a reason, and his dress sense has something to do with it. Again, there is a lot to read between the lines for women.

The odds are high, for instance, that he understands women’s fashion as much as men’s. Come on- it isn’t much of a leap. So, the gifts a stylish guy buys are bound to be on point.

Granted, thriftiness is attractive too as it shows a sense of restraint and practicality, but we all love a world-class gift. In the beginning, men tend to shower their new love interest with presents, and they are always better when the recipient doesn’t have to pretend.

Thanks to an innate sense of style, there’s no need for the lady in your life to worry.


In a perfect world, you and your partner will have plenty of cash. In fact, you’d have too much and give the rest to charity to help the less fortunate. Unfortunately, only the privileged one percent gets to live this life and everyone else has to struggle. This is one reason being a thrift store master is a nice surprise for women.

Guys think it isn’t cool to admit that they use but they couldn’t be more wrong. Ladies want to know about your financial history as well as the future, and they’ll use shopping habits as a guide. Does it seem like a fine tightrope to walk? It isn’t when you think about it practically.

Granted, the opposite sex loves a gift, as does everyone, but they don’t require you to spend a fortune. In fact, they’d rather their love interest skimped and saved. Not only does it show money-consciousness but it’s romantic, too.


The classifieds pretty much state that a good sense of humor is a must, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise. For decades, men and used their ability to turn a phrase to put a smile on a girl’s face, and it’s no secret that it works. So, why is it on this list of weird and wonderful traits?

Well, the answer is simple: a good sense of humor is hard to define. Plenty of men like to have “banter” by belittling others and demeaning their accomplishments. Between the guys, this may fly, yet women won’t respond positively. If anything, the only person they like a fella to put down is themselves.

A self-deprecating sense of humor proves that a guy doesn’t take himself too seriously and sees himself in a realistic light. If you are unsure, has this article you can use to work things out.


Let’s not go down the route and say things about hypersensitive people that we’ll regret. Depending on the person, men and women can be equally as harrowed given the situation.

After all, everyone in the world suffers from some form of stress. The difference between guys and girls is that the latter looks for a soothing influence to take away the sting. Whereas men like to bottle things up, ladies ask for help and reassurance. It’s by far the best method to deal with unpleasant situations and something we should try and replicate.

However, if you can’t, simply being the type of person that puts them at ease is incredibly appealing. It helps women trust you because they can be themselves. As a knock-on effect, it makes them want to spend more time in your company.


This goes against everything men learn about women. Ladies love commitment because it is evidence that the guy is invested in the relationship. As true as this is, they don’t want too much too soon.

Most men find this unattractive and women are the same. Constantly badgering a person because they didn’t respond to a text right away is a sure-fire way to turn them off. Alternatively, having your own life and being independent are huge turn-ons.

So, the big test – did anything on this list catch you off guard? If so, which one?

It won’t matter - because everything you need to know is right here.