Dressing For A Date: 5 Tips For Success

by | May 11, 2018 | Exclusive Tips Articles |

When it comes to first impressions, what you choose to wear plays a major part. Not only does your outfit affect your physical attractiveness, it can also suggest certain things about your personality. Here are just five wardrobe tips that could help to make your date a success.

Match the formality

It’s important to match the formality of your date. If you’re taking your date to a high-end restaurant, you don’t want to be wearing casualwear.

On the other end of the spectrum, you don’t want to turn up to a casual affair overdressed as this could similarly show you have no grasp of social etiquette. It’s never a good idea to go fully casual – avoid hoodies and sweatpants and instead opt for polo shirts/buttoned-down shirts and jeans that are certain to look both casual and sharp.

Avoid red, consider blue

Red may have a certain sex appeal when worn by a woman, but for men it can have connotations of aggression and arrogance. If you’ve got an outgoing personality, dressing in red could make a woman feel less at ease.

Blue is a much safer colour because it has a naturally calming effect that can make you seem more chilled out. A Burton blue navy shirt or an ASOS super skinny blazer could do the trick.

Freshen up your footwear

Women will pay attention to your shoes, so make sure they’re stylish. A pair of Gamma 11 sneakers could be perfect for a casual date whilst a pair of loafers may be better suited for something formal. Make sure these shoes are clean and in good condition as this will show your date that you didn’t just throw any old pair on and that you took time to prepare for the date.

Take extra layers

Unless it’s a scorching day and you’re certain the temperature won’t drop, it’s worth bringing a jacket or blazer. If it does get cold, you can give it to your date to wear and score extra points for being gentlemanly. Meanwhile, if rain seems like it could be likely, make sure you bring something waterproof as well as a brolly. You don’t want to get caught in a shower and turn up to your date looking like a drowned rat.

Stay natural

You should feel comfortable in whatever clothes you choose to wear. Try to choose an outfit that isn’t too wildly different to the clothing you’d usually wear, otherwise you may end up feeling awkward throughout the date and acting in an unconfident or agitated manner.

Your date may also expect you to dress this way on subsequent dates. Whilst you should make an effort to dress up, you should try to keep some of your own personality present even if it is just in the small details - it will make you feel better about yourself.


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