Are Video Games Good for Your Mental Health?

by | May 30, 2018 | Exclusive Tips Articles |

Video games are long past the archaic idea of indulgence and seeming an unhealthy hobby to take part in. Of course, you can become addicted to them much like you can with anything.

Does that mean that they don’t have value? Absolutely not. In fact, the act of gaming can be tremendously helpful when trying to improve your mental health.

Of course, while the depressed person might find better hobbies than gaming eight hours a day, many people suffering from many different mental maladies can experience some real wonder in the worlds they explore digitally. We’d suggest that the following may help with that:

Focus & Concentration

Video games are intensely busy. That means there is plenty to see and do, and also plenty to be wowed by. This means that the focus and concentration it asks for will be naturally given. Just like watching a great movie, being absorbed n the story and characters can mean a lot for someone who is otherwise of a fragmented mind.

This can help us train our mind to once again be more reactive and understanding, or open to new experience if suffering a form of trauma. It might not sound like something that would be intensely useful, but you could be absolutely surprised by its ability to help the unsettled mind.


Escapism is not bad unless it’s the only mode of life you know. Sometimes, harsh realities can be complemented by getting out of them a little. If someone is suffering, or going through a hard time, escaping to a world of fantasy and love can help you mitigate the trauma associated with facing your daily fears, especially in when dealing with a vulnerable mind.

Escapism, just like good fiction, can help broaden our scope of understanding in the world, and it does that through the following means:

Wonder & Safety

The ability to explore new worlds from the safety of your own home is an excellent one. This is important for those undergoing mental difficulty. The necessity for safety and a comfort zone for recovery might be found in the roaming fields of Eorza or Hyrule. The fact that these worlds are offered and cherished by children is not insignificant.

Of course, this isn’t to liken the mentally ill to children in the slightest - that’s completely incorrect. However, the mind coming out of its shell can sometimes be supported by exploring in the safest manner and feeling a sense of general love for the world. That might be a breakthrough for someone who has suffered so much, and taking a video game to do that is absolutely not the inferior approach.

Goal Orientation

Intensely interesting games might offer tactical approaches, allowing you to focus on goal orientation. For example, play Final Fantasy 15 for some of the best moment to moment tactical combat available on mobile.

Is it not possible to see how someone depressed struggling to find the inspiration to shower each day might find practising goal orientation and completion could be tremendously healthy for their spirit, no matter what avenue in comes in?

With these tips, you are sure to see gaming as less of an indulgent hobby, and something to be utilized, understood and cherished. If going through a mental burden right now, we wish you nothing but our compassion.


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