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by | Sep 15, 2018 | Guest Posts |

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Business And Blogging: How To Make Money And Share Your Knowledge

One of the biggest news and lifestyle blogs in the world, Huffingto Module Settings n Post, earns $14 million per month - so for many, the question is no longer whether they can make money sharing their lifestyle-based wisdom with the world, but exactly how and when they’ll see a return.

As with any venture, it’s not about overnight success: growing your blog takes time and effort. But as you work to build your brand, your opportunities for success will expand.

Why Lifestyle Blogging? Men On The Internet

The place of a lot of today’s lifestyle blogs for men was originally filled by men’s magazines, with titles Men’s Health, GQ, and Esquire dominating the market - but in recent years, the readership of men’s magazines has declined, with both marketers and readers heading to the privacy and increased intimacy of the internet instead.

This move to the internet has also allowed individual men, rather than teams headed by a corporate board, to share their own knowledge and points of view on male lifestyle.

While men are less likely to read magazines now, their need for the mentorship provided by lifestyle magazines is still a need for all of us - and that’s where you come in. If you want to succeed in men’s lifestyle blogging, you need two things: a niche and a point of view.

Covering “men’s lifestyle” - fashion, fitness, et cetera - will only get you so far unless you have a point of view you’re writing from and a particular niche of male lifestyle you’re writing about.

Instead, ask yourself what’s unique about your experience and knowledge: for example, you could teach how to be a successful ‘playboy’ type and give advice on how to get the girl of your dreams rather than simply writing about the modern dating landscape for men. Now that you’ve carved out your own voice and place in the market, it’s time to start growing your blog.

Making Money Online: How And When?

If you’re expecting to make your first post and have the cash flow in, think again. Think about growing your blog and starting to make money like you’re growing your business: you should be putting time and energy into your blog as well as into attracting readership and attracting advertisers.

It’s unlikely that you’ll make a significant amount of money during the first couple weeks of blogging - you’re looking at getting your first paycheck at the 3-5-month mark - so if you need quick cash, a blog might not be your best bet.

But contrary to what you might think, banner ads and pop-up ads are far from the only way to make money from your blog. You can also do things like provide sponsored written content, where an advertiser pays you to mention their product in a post, and of course you can sell products of your own: online courses, coaching, as well as books and audiobooks.

The key to making a full-time income as a blogger is to have as many ways of earning income as possible, so don’t be afraid to diversify.

Lifestyle blogging is a booming industry, and while that can be daunting, it also means there’s no time like the present to throw your own hat into the ring and start sharing your unique knowledge.

By first identifying your niche and then finding a solid, dedicated readership, you can earn a good income without even leaving your house!