Alpha Male vs. Beta Male Traits

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You hear me talk about being “alpha” all the time. Today we’re gonna go through some beta and alpha traits that you need to know. And more importantly - I need you to understand that having this list won’t in and of itself make you an alpha.

However - This stuff is good to have on hand and start to learn, regardless. Why? Because thoughts precede actions. That’s right. Knowing what an alpha would do, think or say is important to knowing how to act. And - here’s some good news - when you act like an alpha male, you start to feel like an alpha male. And those feelings perpetuate more alpha action….and so on. What I will share below is just the tip of the iceberg.

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Beta Male Vs. Alpha Male

Beta male: Makes excuses. Every time there’s something he can’t do, he has an excuse, and feels like he needs to explain it to those around him.

Alpha male: Never puts the blame on someone else. He always faces his obstacles head on regardless of the odds of success. He never complains about problems, but aggressively works to find solutions to them. If there is something he doesn’t want to do - as opposed to can’t do - he offers no explanation.

Roller coasters? Nah, thats’ not me. Let’s do something cool instead.

Tip: Be on the lookout for the phrase:  “I can’t do this because…” You don’t make excuses. Not only to other people, but especially yourself. When there is blame to go around - blame yourself for your failures. Why? Because you are acknowledging that you have the power - if you are the reason something is not being done, then you have the power to fix it. The mindset that evolves is that you control not only your shortcomings, but your successes.

Beta male: Needs affirmation from others. Is obsessed with how others think of him.

Alpha male: Doesn’t give a sh*t what others think. This makes him very attractive.
Simply be confident about how others perceive you. You will act accordingly. Anyone who looks down on you is most likely jealous, and also not worth your time. You do not have time for people who are counter-productive to your self-improvement.

Beta male: Talks fast, always seems to be nervous or in a rush.

Alpha male: Talks slowly, and in deeper tones. His movements are smooth. Translation: You are in control of your life.

Tip: Before you walk in anywhere - catch yourself. Slow down - catch your breath and then make it look like you are walking through water. As stated earlier, begin to create an image of smoothness and you will naturally start to become smoother.

Beta male: Lives life by the day not really knowing what he wants. Will waste time on the couch, rather than doing something productive. He is lazy and passive.

Alpha male: Lives life passionately. He has goals - and is focused on his goals and dreams and tears down any barriers in-between.

Tip:  You must find a goal you want to achieve, or create one. Even if it’s simply to get better with women. Have something that when those “lay on the couch” moments present themselves, you can say, “I will do something to work toward my goal of ________ instead.”

Beta male: Gives up when he fails. Sees no point in trying and is fearful of facing failure again.

Alpha male: Failing at anything is only a mistake if you do not learn from it. Repeating failed behavior is insane - learning from failed behavior and trying something new is alpha. Failure is only a minor setback to you. You can look forward to failure because first of all, you are moving forward by trying something new - and second, the sooner you can learn from his mistakes and succeed.

Tip: If what you are doing (like, with women for example) isn’t working, you must be open to try something new. This always feeds your adventurous side - something women love.

Beta male: Uses the word, “sorry” a lot - even when it doesn’t belong in the conversation. He apologizes to others because he feels he might have offended them somehow.

Alpha male: Wil not apologize for his desires and beliefs. alphas do apologize, but only when they truly believe theyshould - not to try and make others feel better.

Beta male: Believe it or not - he has a big ego. But it backfires on him because he is too sensitive and insecure regarding everyone’s opinion of him. So he constantly is trying to prove himself by qualifying - or stating his qualifications.

Alpha male: Never feels like he must prove himself. His ego is his ally. Here is the truth: Big egos are a result of low-esteem, lack of control over emotion, and too many female feelings. A man who is truly confident in himself never needs to lash out at someone who insulted his ego.

Beta male: Always searching for approval and attention.

Alpha male: Does not seek attention - and therefore always gets it. More on that in my audio training. But know that you can always be the most powerful presence in any room or situation. Why? People need to be led. That’s why leaders are few, followers are many.

Tip - Don’t feel the need to entertain a room full of women with displays of this and that. Betas are often clamoring  for attention yet can never get enough  - and alphas never want attention yet get too much.
In a room with a bunch of beta males and a bunch of girls you will notice how the girls respond to the alpha. He’s cool and laid back - the girls all turn their heads to him. The beta needs to constantly entertain them.

Beta male: Will never admit to his faults and mistakes.

Alpha male: Is not afraid to face his faults and overcome his failures. Admission is the first step to solving a personal setback or problem.

Beta male: Gets jealous really easily when he sees his girl talking or flirting with another guy.

Alpha male: Is supremely confident in his ability and status. If his girlfriend is talking to other guys, he goes to talk with other girls. He laughs at the thought of his girlfriend choosing another guy over him.

Tip: If “she” is talking to another guy, or obviously trying to get your dander up - simply tell her and the guy, “You guys would make an great couple!” And then go talk to some women.

Beta male: Easily blows his stack. He loses his temper when someone else criticizes him or when a girl disrespects him.

Alpha male: Is a complete picture of cool. He never loses his composure. If something upsets him, he shows his disapproval of it without getting mad or whining.

Tip: If she tries to get you into a fight, simply leave. Don’t react emotionally. It’s on her, and she has no control over you or your mood.

Beta male: If he loses his girl, he loses all hope in life and thinks that he cannot live without “the one” - her.

Alpha male: In the unlikely even that a woman leaves an alpha, he simply loves that there are thousands of other girls just as good or better than the girl who dumped him. His life is not centered around one girl, and he has no problem moving on.

Tip: If you have options (other women) she is not only less-likely to break your heart, but less likely to leave. More on that in my Alpha audio programs, too.

Beta male: Did he take a shower? Did he get dressed in the dark? It’s like he is always messy, dirty, or poorly groomed.

Alpha male: Is always dressed to kill, and groomed well. He has superior etiquette. Think: James Bond.

Tip: When you know you took the time to look better, you are happier and thus exude more confidence.

Beta male: Is afraid to meet new people.

Alpha male: Is ready to meet new people.

Beta male: Poor body language - slouches. He stands and sits uncomfortably, as if he is nervous.

Alpha male: Takes up space whenever he sits down or rests. Is in control of his surroundings. Nothing surprises or startles him. There is a ton of information on body language in the Alpha Life series of audio training from Modern Male Lifestyle.

Beta male: Looks to quickly get into a relationship, as if he is desperate for a girlfriend.

Alpha male: Is not only not desperate for women, he is never desperate for anything. When you are not desperate for women’s attention or affection, it’s implied that you have plenty of it - which puts you at ease, and excites women.

Beta male: Is a pushover with women. He is willing to commit to a woman as soon as they give him the greenlight.

Alpha male: Is a challenge with women. He does not throw himself at them. Ever.

Beta male: Becomes wide-eyed when he sees someone do something

Alpha male: Is never impressed. He may give credit where it’s due, but he doesn’t go ape-shit because someone did something impressive. Act like you’ve been around in the world before.

Beta male: Women are his number one priority.

Alpha male: Believe it or not - the core of what I teach is that an Alpha Male’s number one priority is never women, or a woman. This is a hard and fast rule - one that I base most of my alpha training on.

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