Male Identity

I’m worried about the state of the American male.

I’m not exaggerating when I say there is a real crisis.It’s a crisis of identity. Who is the American male these days?

In my vast experience - I’ve found that he is a man stripped of his identity. No, I’m not talking about some crook somewhere who took your social security number and stole your credit cards to buy a motorcycle and 40 cases of spring water. What I’m talking about is the shambles that is the American male - and the male from all over the world.

The identity of a man is no longer who he is - it’s who he used to be. Men used to be strong. Vibrant. Confident. Sexy. In control. And most of all they used have “balls”. And by balls I mean the cajones that it took to build cities, move mountains, win wars and not take sh*t from anybody.

Today’s man is merely a shadow of just a few generations ago. In today’s world we are a society of beta males and pussy-whipped guys who let women walk all over them. How many men among us are afraid to approach a woman? You know, to simply see someone you think is attractive and walk up to her and say, “hi.” That is one of the easiest, simplest forms of domination and seduction - and our so-called men are afraid to do it. If you or someone you know is like this, you can understand my concern. How the hell can this happen? How did we become so beat down and afraid of women?

I’ll tell you what’s been going on. And it’s not a pretty thing. There is, in my estimation, an on-going war against the male of the species. Anything and everything male is “bad”. Don’t believe me? Let’s look at it like this:

Although we’ve progressed since the days of the caveman - you do realize that our ancient ancestors used to simply see the woman they wanted and breed with her.

No - don’t go raping anyone. Don’t be a sicko. The reason I bring that up is because there are instinctual impulses at work - in both men and women. The instinct in men is to see an attractive woman and want to “breed” with her. It’s a very visual instinct - one that has been in us since the dawn of man. And pretty much since the dawn of man, we have been progressively more and more told that our instincts are bad. So much so that the male in society has been reduced to a doormat and a whiney little bitch.

Where does this come from? How does it happen?

After all - our ancestors were all apha males. Don’t we have that born-into us? The good news is: yes, we do. The bad news is - anybody and anything that isn’t an alpha male is, naturally, threatened by them. As an example of how this whole thing is working - against us - let’s take a look at a typical 2-year-old boy. He sees another child with something - a toy or a candy bar - that he wants. What does he do? He goes over and takes it from him. He sees what he wants and he goes for it. Period.

And at 2 years old - that’s simply an instinct. Nobody taught him this behavior. Yet he has the impulse to do it. What we do teach him, though, is that what he just did was wrong. “Oh, no Johnny - we don’t do that. We share. We don’t hit. We this, that and the other thing…”

Or, we teach him that his instincts are bad. And wrong. And we start to give him a new way of thinking - and feeling about his instincts as an alpha male. Just like we do in society. How to get a girl? Oh - just be “nice” to her. Be a gentleman. Don’t move too fast. Etc. etc…. And it comes at us from every conceivable angle.

Check out the plethora of “love” songs by so-called rock bands. Some poor dude is heartbroken and is pouring out his soul to “her” - as if he would be whole again if she just came back. And not only do dudes write these songs, guys all over the world listen and relate to them.

And that’s just an example.

  • Sitcoms? Here’s the premise: Big, fat doofus guy has young pretty, smart wife who bosses him around.
  • Commercials? The guy is always the dork - don’t upset the woman.
  • Movies? Same thing. Some how the geeky, nice guy gets the girl in the end. You know - chick flicks.

I could go on and on - but the point is that we as men get hit from so many covert angles that we don’t even realize what’s happening to us.

Now, with that as our back drop - let me lay another bit of inside information on you about how men have changed over the last couple hundred years. We’ve become a gender that is dominated by our “feelings” rather than our logic and instincts. In fact, I contend that men have confused their instincts with what is nothing more than emotions. We’d be much better off if we left the emotional “thinking” to women. Because at the end of the day - it doesn’t matter one bit how you “feel” about a woman. What matters is how she feels about you.

Case in point: (hypothetical) - Let’s say I spot the girl who lives across the street. I see her, and wow - she is gorgeous. I watch her every day - come and go from her house. Do her yard work. Bump into her when I’m getting the mail. And I think about her all the time. And I start to get obsessed. So much so that I really feel it for her - like I’m falling in love with her. The only problem is - she doesn’t know it. So, with this overwhelming feeling of desire I have, I decide to let her know how I feel. And guess what - I’m going to look like an idiot and a stalker.

All this time that I’ve spent building her up in my mind is wasted - as she simply goes on about her life. Meanwhile, I’m watching her and thinking about her all the time. But - I think - this feeling for her is really strong. If only she knew how I felt, then she’d fall for me too. So I’ll tell her.

What a disaster. In her mind - she doesn’t even know me. And here I am confessing my undying love for her. It makes me look to her like some creep and she can’t wait to move out of the neighborhood. And, you can see how it doesn’t matter how I feel about her. She doesn’t care how I feel about her. What a woman cares about is how a she feels about a man.

And guess what, my friends - it’s your job to make her feel it. Plain and simple. And with the state of mind and the overall societal pressures on men - it’s harder and harder to make her or anyone feel it for you. You see, this obsession that I have for that girl across the street isn’t really about her at all. It’s about me. Remember - I have an instinct to mate with women. I want to be close with someone, I don’t want to feel lonely, and I desire female companionship. And since she is “the one” I decided to plug into my thoughts - she becomes the answer to all my relationship problems.

Do you see it? I put her in the position of having to make me better - make me whole, and make me happy. And who the hell wants that kind of pressure on them? Answer - nobody. Especially a woman. A woman who is looking for a man. A man who can make her feel all those things - not the other way around.

If you’ve had a pattern of women in your life - ones that come and go, ones that control when and where you have sex, ones who cheat or walk all over you, then you are falling victim to this vicious cycle. One that doesn’t have to happen, but happens all the time more and more to millions and millions of men. All it takes to get out of this mess - to no longer be the beta male - is a new way of thinking. One that helps you unlock that alpha mindset and Killer Instinct we as men are all born with. It’s those same traits that we have been subtly, progressively and surely been taught to surpress and act like wussies.

I’m here to tell you - it doesn’t have to be this way. Women are dying for you and all men to get their balls back and be the alpha man they are desperately looking for. The percentage of alpha males out there is so few, that it doesn’t take much to stand out above the crowd of beta male wussbags who treat women like some fairy queen or simply a friend. Face it - 5 percent of men are sleeping with 90 percent of the women. Which percentage do you fall into? Which one do you want to be in?

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