What does it mean to truly master the mystery of women?

To have women chase you. To have your choice of women. To know that what a woman does isn’t crazy or weird – but predictable and easily understandable. Yes – it’s true.

You can totally master women – the way some men master a sport, or a scientific endeavor, or the game of chess. Women are easily mastered once you know how. And I’ll share some of the ways and the master techniques with you now.

Let me ask you:

Have you ever had a woman – a girlfriend – and everything seemed like it was going great, and somehow she slipped away? Started cheating? Withheld sex? Ended up telling you to leave her alone, or that she thinks of you as a friend?

Have you ever seen a woman in a club, or just out and about, and thought, “Damn! I’d really like to meet her? Or have sex with her? And you were at a loss what to say? Or have you seen her and had the balls to “make your move” only to be politely rejected?

Come on – raise your hand if you’ve been there. I’m raising mine.

Even those of us who have finally mastered meeting women have been in those situations. I’ve been in them more than I care to recall at this time. Mastering women is a process. Just like the old saying, you have to break some eggs if you want to make an omelette. What does breakfast have to do with mastering women?

I’ll tell you. A majority of men see “breaking eggs” as a bad thing. That is – the mistakes they make along the way are those “broken eggs.” But a broken egg is actually the only way to make that breakfast omelette.

Translation: those broken eggs are a good thing. Now, if you think I’m going to say you have to get out there and make mistakes, yadda yadda yadda, you are only partially right. Because while that is true – you have to try time and time again – to get to and with the women you want, and it’s true that you have to learn from your mistakes – that’s only a small part of the process.

You see – a guy like me has made the mistakes. Time and time again. And it took me a long time to get to the point where I truly consider women something I’ve mastered. Learning from your mistakes is a long, hard process. You are “out there” on your own – trying this pickup line and that technique….and sometimes it “works” and sometimes it doesn’t. And if you are paying attention, you gradually find out what works and what doesn’t

This is long, hard process because you have to find out more often than not what doesn’t work. During the approach. How to get her number. What to say and do once you have her number. What kind of date to take her on, and what to say. How to escalate toward sex and stay out of the friend zone. And on and on.

Just getting to each stage of this process can take months and years. And if you’re like me – you don’t have time for that shit. You want to meet women now. You want to get laid now. You want to dominate your woman now. You want to master women.


And you can. And the way I’ve explained it so far – it sounds like it will take forever. And for some guys it does. And for others, it never happens. That’s the tragedy. Are there shortcuts? Yes – but even then you have to allow for the process. The process of learning, and the process of changing the way you think about women to occur.

Most of my students are in the 28 to 44 year old range. I have some younger, some older. But in general – the point is that they are set in there ways of thinking and set in there ways of doing things. And even when I tell them – time and time again – how and what to do, they still get caught in the trap of how they “feel” about a woman, or how they “feel” about a certain situation.

And that’s the trap. Because I have been there. I already know the way up and out. All you have to do is listen and learn, and save yourself years and years of heartache and experimentation. So lets cut to the chase.

I”ll give you the number one secret to master women. Right here, right now. For free. Ready? Ok, here goes: To master women, first you have to master yourself. Let that sink in. And while you’re thinking, “what the fuck does that mean”? don’t worry. I will tell you.

See – I told you there were shortcuts. There are ways of learning this stuff from guys – like me – who have lived through it, so you don’t have to. It’s just like if I asked you, “How do you get to the moon?” – and you don’t have to figure it out, because someone else already has. And if you want to know, you only have to learn from someone else’s experience.

Here’s the deal. Women are….get this….women. All women are the same. Just like all lab rats are the same. When a scientist does an experiment on a rat, he can assuredly know that the results are the same for any rat he tries it on. And no, women – with very few exceptions – are not rats. But they all have the same instincts as any other woman. I don’t care how hot she is – how rich, how poor, how inexperience or whatever. Women are genetically programmed to respond to a certain type of man – period. They can’t help it. They just do it. Every time. I know. I’m that guy. I’ve been there – done that – and I know. So let me pull it all together for you. Yes, you can learn from guys who have the knowledge, and save yourself a ton of pain and frustration. But what do I mean about this “master yourself” deal? Here it is.

Women – who I say are all the same – have instincts. Their instincts give them “feelings”. And that’s all it takes for a women to sleep with you. That she feels like you are the type of guy she wants to sleep with.
Men also have feelings. But here’s the golden nugget. As a woman, a creature who does things based on feelings and impulse – she is not looking for another woman. She is looking for a man. The concept of yin and yang. The opposite is what she is attracted to. So if you, as a man, are guided by and are a slave to your feelings, you are in essence being a woman. And women – except for lesbians – are looking for a man. A man is the opposite of a woman.

So if you have “feelings” and tons of other female tendencies – she’s going to see you as a female. Or a friend. And women don’t have sex with their friends. They have sex with men. To show them that you are a man – you simply need to not act like a woman. And women are ruled – literally ruled – by their feelings. If a woman can get you to “feel” something – like jealousy, anger, etc….then she has given you a test that you failed. She is looking for a man, and by definition, someone who is easily emotionally manipulated is most likely a woman.

And by instinct, she’s not going to sleep with that guy – that woman. She’s looking for a man.

This is where mastering yourself comes into play. If a woman can get you to react – to emotionally respond – to anything – she has tested you (to see if you are a man) and you have failed, and she is not attracted to you.

How to master yourself?

Well, of course, you need the information in all of my audio programs. Stuff like “Total Control” (oh yes, this is the control we talk about – control you and her – you and her will love it) and of course the Alpha Life programs – Volume 1 and Volume 2. How to be an alpha male – explained, step by step.

But here’s why you read all of this so far: You will feel emotions. Yeah – that’s right. They will be there. There’s nothing you can do about them. You’ll feel anger, jealousy, spite, etc… That’s because you are human. Just like her. She feels stuff too. And she is attracted to a certain type of man. The alpha man.

The alpha man has mastered himself. You see – when you feel jealous – or whatever – what do you do? Most beta males will give in to those feelings – that is, let the feelings master him. But the alpha is the master of his feelings. Yes, he feels them – only he dictates what his reaction to them is – not the other way around. Most men get into situations where their feelings overcome them, and they act impulsively and totally blow it with the woman, or women, in their lives. But the alpha doesn’t do this. Thereby attracting tons of women. When the women finally figure out they can’t manipulate him, the totally fall for him. They can’t help it. It’s an instinct.

I want to be able to teach each and every man all of the intricacies of this process one-on-one. If you want to know, schedule your live and in-person phone consultation now.

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Talk soon.
All the best,
JD Dallas