What attracts a Man to a woman? More importantly for you – what attracts a woman to a man?

The short answer, in both cases, is: Instinct. And that is a very, very powerful thing.

But there are a few major differences – besides the obvious ones – between men and woman, and their instincts. Let’s think about this a moment. A man has a very powerful set of instincts. When it comes to attraction – a man can see a woman he’s never met, and be instantly attracted to her. You know what I’m talking about. You’ve seen “her” before. Based on her looks alone, you’ve internally told yourself – “yeah, I’d like to be with her!” That is an instinct. One that goes back 100’s of 1000’s of years. You don’t even have time to think about it. It just happens. Instantly. Boom – there she is. And she’s on the list – yes, I’d get with her.

There’s several reasons I want you to contemplate this for a moment. I want you to remember a time – maybe even one right now – where you’ve felt this way. It’s a very spontaneous and instantaneous phenomenon. Do you realize how powerful this instinct is? What causes you to be attracted to a woman you’ve never even met?

The short version is, men’s instincts are overwhelmingly visual when it comes to attraction. And this goes back a long time – and it’s part of your primal nature. In a scientific sense, it ensures the survival of our species.

But here’s the big difference – the inner-mastery and knowledge you need to know: Women do not work this way. And it’s a common and disasterous mistake that men make all the time. Every day. We think of women in this sense as human (which they are, of course) and we make the mistake of believing that because men are human, and think and feel a certain way – then it stands to reason that because women are human they think and feel the same way. And they don’t.

Women are overwhelmingly not visual when it comes to instinctual attraction. And here’s why you have to realize this: Knowing that your attraction to a woman you’ve never even met is purely an instinct, helps to give you great power over yourself – thus allowing you to have great power over women. You must realize when you have this “feeling” for her, “Hey – this is common. It’s an instinct and I am simply being male. She has done nothing to win me over other than stand there.”

Knowing that women are not visual when it comes to attraction will aid you in actually appealing to what she’s really instinctually attracted to.

Realizing the power that an instinct has over you and how it works on you should give you great confidence in knowing that if you appeal to her instincts, it will have the same effect resulting in powerful attraction to you.

Let me ask you: Have you ever been afraid of the dark? Have you ever been scared by a spider? Maybe it was years ago when you were just a kid – but you can at least relate to these bizarre feelings that seem to have no basis in reality. The dark is not harmful, right? Spiders can’t hurt you, right?

Well – let tell you, those feelings of “high alert” when it comes to the dark, spiders, and any other manner of thing that we somehow automatically feel nervous about are the result of ancient, deep-seated instinct. The natural predator of our water-born ancestors was the arachnid – or spider. I wont’ go into a long tutorial, you can look it up. Before fire and electricity, our ancient ancestors usually slept with one eye open – because even though we could “see” at night, other predators where much more adept at hunting in the dark.

These are just a few examples of survival of the species instincts that are born into every one of us. The same is true for your visual attraction to a woman. Not every man finds the same woman attractive – sure we have some universal ideas of what is and is not beautiful – but 3 guys in a club can all have different feelings about whether or not they’d “do” a woman that they all see. This is your instinct – telling you that it would be beneficial for you to “breed” with a certain woman based on her physical appearance.

Ever heard a guy say, “She’s not my type”….or “She’s just my type…” – that’s where this comes from. And those types of women that we ALL agree on – well, let’s just say they are everybody’s type. They have all the physical features that would ensure a great bond of your DNA with hers.

Here’s the great news:

There is a universal type for women, too.

One that they are instinctually (therefore: uncontrollably and powerfully) attracted to. And it has very very little to do with how a man looks. Sure, looks are important. In fact, every little detail of your life is what adds up to whether or not this or that woman is attracted to you. Women are – undeniably – attracted to the alpha males. And being alpha is in the details.

It’s a culmination of every thing you say, do, and present as you to the world. And women pick up on this. Instantly. Just as quick and as powerfully as you pick up on those looks of hers. And they do it in the same way. They simply “feel” it. They can’t explain it, they just know it.

If you have to trick her or convince her to like you – you will lose the battle every time. Because it doesn’t work that way. It works simply on instinct.

This is why everything we teach at the Modern Male Lifestyle is based on two things:

  1. Instinctual attraction
  2. Transforming men into alpha males

Because nothing else works. Pick up programs, lines, routines, and all the other horse crap you will find out there do nothing to transform you into an alpha. Why is that important? It’s simple – if you are pretending, and using rehearsed lines and demonstrations, you will quickly be found out. Something won’t “add up” for her. You see it all the time. A relationship starts out all hot and heavy. And over time – sometimes not that long – she loses interest, and boom – she’s gone. And it’s because the beta male traits in the man were revealed to her. And the more she finds out – every little detail – the more she hits that inner instinctual checklist. Alpha trait or beta trait? Check.

That’s why I say in my Alpha Life Audio Programs, “alpha is in the details”. The other reason you want and need to be an alpha is that women will come to you.

It’s true. Reverse the roles a second.

Why do women work out, paint themselves up, where hot clothes, get their hair and nails done, and everything else they do to make themselves attractive? Because men instantly notice physically attractive details about a women. And boy, does it work! The “hottest” girls in the room always get the most attention from men.

Now – think of it. You become alpha – and her instincts take over. Imagine the attention you will start to get from women! They can’t help it.

Every single one of my audio training programs is based on this principal. That women are attracted to a certain kind of man. Even when I discuss pick up lines and things to say and do, they are geared toward becoming part of who you are – not some act or other trick.

And here’s the best news of all: Being alpha is also an instinct. Everyone of us is born with the alpha instinct. It’s right there. Waiting to be awoken. Just under the surface.

And all you need is a little bit of training – a new way of thinking – to unleash the beast and get all the women you desire. The overwhelming success of my Alpha Life series of audio training is testament to how easy it is and how great it works. It’s all based on years of research, field testing and observation. Every detail is explained throughout my audio training.

In my time of doing what I do – helping men transform into alphas and get the dating life and women they want – I’ve seen great success in the men who take it all on. The guys who listen to every single program I’ve produced – over and over – have the best and quickest results. The men who follow up with personal coaching have transformed on an advanced level. I learn from them almost every time we speak.

You can be one of them.

It’s not that hard, and it’s actually very inexpensive to get my audio programs. Seriously, look around the web and see what so-called gurus are offering, and how much it costs. Some may think it’s suicide to actually encourage guys to look at the “competition” – but it’s actually my greatest testimonial and resource. Once you see that nobody offers Alpha Training and Complete Transformation, and all they want is to get you signed up for recurring credit card charges, you’ll be here with me at the Modern Male Lifestyle quickly. I highly encourage you to check out all of my audio programs.

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