To most men, it’s a timeless question – one that may never be answered. I mean, it seems like a conundrum, doesn’t it?

You know, it wasn’t that long ago that men didn’t actually care too much about what women wanted. Some may say that’s an archaic and out-dated point of view. These days, men do care what women want, because they want to give it to them – so that these men can be the man a woman wants.

If you had the answer – wouldn’t you do it? If you knew what women wanted, wouldn’t you give it to them? You’re probably saying, yes – I would. If it meant that I could have the women I wanted simply by being the man they want. Men search high and low for this answer – this magical, elusive list of things that a woman is looking for in a man.

And they come up with all kinds of really bad ideas. Stuff that seems plausible, and like it should work. Stuff like:

  • Women want a nice, sweet man.
  • Women want a guy who’s in touch with his feelings, and his feminine side.
  • Women want a guy who will seek her input on all sorts of decisions.
  • Women want a man who will pay for dinner, hold open the door, and be a gentleman.
  • Women want a man who gives her control in the relationship.
  • Women want a man who will be her best friend.
  • And…on and on.

To look at it – it seems like that’s a pretty reasonable list of things a guy should do to win over the women in his life. I won’t go into where all that stuff comes from, but you have to admit – you’ve heard some or all of that stuff, and you may even believe some or all of that stuff.
So lemme ask you: How’s that working for you?

For example – and this is a classic – how many times have you, or a guy you know, taken a woman out to dinner and paid for everything, only to not ever see her again (let alone sleep with her)? Anybody? Raise your hands. We’ve all done that one. Here’s the real kick in the nuts – One of the things I teach men all the time is that they don’t have to pay for one single thing, and they will still get laid. And it’s true.

Think about it. If a guy can roll out the red carpet, pay for expensive dinner and a movie, and not ever get laid – why is it so hard to believe that a guy can go on a “date”, not pay for anything, and get laid every time?

I’m here to tell you that you’ll do much better never taking a woman out on a traditional date ever again – and I’ve not only seen it work for 100’s of men, but I do it all the time. There’s a million reasons why this works – and you can find most of them in my audio program “The Perfect Date volume 1” – but just know that it does work. And I use this example because it illustrates that most of what we think we know about women and dating and sex is all wrong. 100 percent wrong.

You know, I heard a story recently from one of my students who is divorced. And he said after the marriage was over his friends came to him and said, “You know, man, we didn’t want to say anything – but that woman was a controlling bitch!” And he knew it was true.

What I take away from this scenario is this: Here was a woman with control over her man, and she ended up leaving him. That’s right. And it’s important to realize something that I teach, and that you’ll find in my audio programs “Total Control” and “Guide to Understanding Women”, is that women say one thing, and do another. You’ll hear them bitch and moan and complain all the time about how they want to be in control – but what they do is lose attraction and respect for a man they can control.

And this brings us back to most of what we think we know about women and dating and sex is all wrong. A man who can control himself – and his women – will always have his women there until he decides to cut them loose. It’s absolutely true. I’ve been coaching a lot men recently, and they’ve been having tons of success with women since they started employing the mindset and step by step techniques we discuss. And it’s all based on control.

Now, the advantage of personal consultations with me is that not only do we enhance and drive home the material you listen to all the time, but we tailor specific techniques to your specific situation.

Things like, how to get your ex back. How to successfully date more than one woman, and have them competing for you. How to be the alpha man women are instinctively attracted to. And yes, that is what women want. Wait – did you miss it? Okay – lemme lay it out for you. Quick story about you – to set this up. You are a product of a long, long line of human evolution. And you have very powerful base instincts. What attracts a man to a woman? Answer: Simple – what she looks like.

You know that overwhelming urge you have when you see a woman – one you don’t even know – to have sex with her? That is you instinctual nature. Men are driven to want to have sex with women – based almost entirely on how a woman looks. Again, I’m going to spend a lot of time on why, but I think you know what I’m saying is true. Men can see a woman and be attracted to her instantly, based solely on what she looks like. You feel that all the time.

Now, guess what? A woman doesn’t feel that way. A woman doesn’t work that way. A woman has instincts too – and they are just as powerful in her – that attract her to men. That will attract her to you. Women almost care nothing for your looks. Oh, a little bit – but it’s not like with men.


Ever see a woman with a guy and think, “What the hell? She’s with him?!?!”

Sure you have – cuz women don’t care so much for your looks. What they do want – what they are instinctively attracted to – is an alpha male. Period. All the time, every time. She can’t help it.

Just like you can’t help it – you can’t help your urge to have sex with a woman based on how she looks. She can’t help her urge to have sex with you based on your strength. And I’m not talking sheer physical strength. An attractive man – as far as women are concerned – is strong of body, yes, but also strong of mind, strong of opinion, principle and character. He means what he says, and says what he means.

And all you have to do to trigger this instinct is be alpha. Remember that list of traits most men think a woman wants?

None of that stuff matters. Alphas can – for example - pay for dinner, if they so choose. But it has nothing to do with how attracted a woman
is to him. Just like what a great conversationalist a woman is has little to do with how attracted you are to her.

At least initially – remember, we are talking about instinct here. You know you can be attracted to a woman you’ve never even spoken to! And – a woman is attracted to men who never buy her squat. All you need to do – to be the man that women want – is to be alpha. Period. End of story. I have 100’s of men who will tell you that it is all – all – in my audio programs.

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