You already have everything it takes to be devastatingly effective with women.

You may be thinking, “Shit – if I have it…why do I still have trouble meeting or keeping women, or simply being in charge of my own relationships?” Well – I believe you have everything it takes. And you should too.

Let me lay it all out for you.

You may have heard me go on about the evolution of man, and the way our species has survived over the past 40 thousand years or so. And if you haven’t – here it is in a nutshell: For 99.9 percent of human existence – men were in charge of just about everything, including their women. Instinctively, women are attracted to strong, alpha men. Instinctively, men feel the urge to dominate their own world, and their relationships.

In the last 100 years or so, men have been getting and accepting the wrong messages from society on how they should act. They have been stripped of their gender identity. Now…with those things in mind, let me tell you: You were born to be a man, and to be in charge of your life. You were born to be compatible with and successful with women. Otherwise, our species would’ve never survived.

Women have always been attracted to a confident, strong, alpha male. They can’t help it – it’s in their blood. Hence – our evolution has produced us. You, me, and everyone around us. We are the result of the survival of the fittest. Alpha men have mated with women and produced strong, masculine offspring for thousands of years. We are the product of this, guys.

The weaker strains and species have all been filtered out and died out. What’s left is the best of the best, to date.

Stick with me.
Now, you know that urge you have to “mate” with women? When you see that hottie you just have to have without even knowing her? Well – that’s an instinct. An almost inexplicable thing that comes over you. And just like you, women have their instincts, too. Her’s is the one that makes her inexplicably attracted to those alpha characteristics.

So – where does all this lead us? I’ll tell you.

You, being born as a man, have all the genetic and instinctive material necessary to be an alpha male.

And, as such, you will have women instinctively attracted to you. But – what went wrong? Why isn’t every woman chasing you? It’s simple – if she’s attracted to an alpha man, and she isn’t attracted to you, then you are suppressing your alpha instincts. And believe me – this is happening all over the place, way more than is natural or healthy. So much so that a very small percentage of men are remotely alpha, and by default are getting all the women.

Hell – you don’t even have to show all the alpha characteristics I outline in the Alpha Life Audio Programs I’ve written. You only need a few – that’s how bad it is with a majority of guys out there.

Why do you think women stay with, chase after and obsess over “that asshole” who treats her like crap?

It’s not because they are wonderful men – but it is because they do display at least some of the alpha characteristics found in my audio programs. Not everything these guys do is good, in fact, a lot of them are real jerks. But they are able to make decisions. They are committed to their life first, and hers second. Their time is of major importance to them.

Like I said, they may be mean, dirty, uncaring and only come around when they want to have sex with her. And she has several guys who worship her and can’t understand why she obsesses over this one guy.

You see, when you put a bunch of beta men up against each other, the one who shows at some of the alpha characteristics is the one she’s going to be attracted to the most.
So many men have suppressed their alpha instincts – that they were born with – that there is a real shortage of true alpha males these days. And when one comes along, he stands out like a mofo.

Now – here is where the real magic for you comes in.

Let’s say you are a really decent guy. Even a nice guy.

You have probably found out that while women say they want a guy to be super nice to her, that she rarely falls madly in love with that kind of guy.

Can you imagine – if you were able to meld your personality with your nice guy characteristics and a few if not all of the alpha traits that women are looking for? Think about it – you would be one hell of a catch. Even against that total jerk they are obsessed with.

I know this to be true. I’ve been doing this for years, and I teach guys how to do this all the time. It usually takes 4 or 5 phone consultations and they start to “get it”.

And almost like magic, they make this amazing transformation and have more women than they know what to do with. I have to be honest with you here – while I get most of the credit for this transformation, the truth is every one of these guys actually has this ability inside him already. I just help them let it out, and be comfortable with it.

When we’re told that being a man is bad, having sexual thoughts is bad, that women want these metro-sexual girly men to be their friends, and on and on until everything with a set of balls is the enemy of the state – it’s easy to see how men get confused and hide all of their natural, in-born desires and urges.
Once I teach them the attitude – boom. It’s like a volcano erupting. All the while, this alpha life was bubbling and brewing just below the surface, and once a little bit of it comes out, it’s like a rush and major transformation of the landscape.

But like I said – it was there all along. You just need to know what it is, how to show it, and in short: what to do as well as what not to do.

I have over 25 hours of alpha training that you can get instant download, that I highly recommend you listen to and find out what literally 1000’s of men have found out – how to be the alpha man that she is instinctively attracted to.

You do have this in you. You were born with it. It doesn’t take that much to discover it and let it out. And that’s why I’m here – to help you along the way.

My latest audio – “A Man’s Guide to Understanding Women” is an alpha ale tour de force. Never be confused by her games and tests again. Once you know what she’s up to, she’s not only funny, she’s predictable.

Of course, the Alpha Life Volume 1 and 2 is an in-depth study on all things from how to set up your apartment, style, attitude to what to say and what not to do.

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Remember – you have it in you – you  just need to let it out!

Have a great week –

Live the lifestyle.