Hey men. I have some good stuff for you to use this weekend. Some really killer free tips and technique. Stuff I use and teach all the time. My favorite, most effective phone number technique is yours. This one works.

And just a note – the reason all of things I teach you are so powerful and so effective, is because it’s all real. It’s all stuff that I’ve spent years perfecting, and that I personally use and do all the time. So just another quick shout to those of you who are deep into Volume One of of my latest audio program.

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Okay – enough about the Alpha Life Volume One on to a great phone number tip. I love this move.

I want to talk a little bit about your mindset when meeting new women. And yes – this has a lot to do with being able to quickly and effectively get a phone number from her. Stick around – this gets good. I’ll give the technique after we get your head on straight.

From the outset of this email, I promised to give you a good phone number technique. And no doubt you were pretty interested in what I have to say. And why is that?

Well, if you are like a lot of guys – you have no idea how to get a woman’s number. It seems like such a simple thing, but it can be a big deal.

And that’s a huge part of the problem – that it’s a big deal. In fact, most guys think way to much about it.

Now – why is this such a big deal? If you think about it – exchanging a phone number is a pretty common social interaction theses days. People do it all the time. It’s natural – especially to two people that want to speak to each other again. Think about how smooth and natural it is to get a phone number from, say, one of your buddies. Or, your doctor, or any situation where you didn’t have some agenda. In fact – getting the number may not have even been your agenda at all. Just in the course of events, it became evident that you were going to need it – or want it – later.

It just sort of happens. It’s not the be-all, end-all.

When you go into an interaction with a woman thinking….”Gotta get her number…how to get her number….” You’ve already blown it – way out of proportion, that is. Shit – you may not even want to talk to this girl again once you find out a little bit about her. But somehow, going in, the “phone number” is already on top of the list.

Now, I’m not saying you should not want to get her number. Of course you should – but only if. If you really want to talk to her again after you meet her. And if you may need to talk to her again later.

You must never do something that I call pre-qualifying a woman. If you ever decide – instantly and without investigation – that you have to have this woman, and you have to get her number – then you are pre-qualifying her. She has done nothing to impress you other than stand there and look cute. And that in and of itself isn’t that impressive. Cute girls, pretty girls, beautiful women are everywhere. Supply and demand. It’s not a rare commodity. When she’s prequalified – you have done a great disservice to yourself.

First, you’ve put her “above” you in your mind, which puts you at a severe disadvantage, and second – you aren’t allowing yourself the opportunity to actually speak to this woman and see if she’s even somebody you’d be interested in.

I know, I know….look at her. She’s so hot. She’s got that exact ass that you just want to spend a weekend in. Good for her. There’s a million of those asses. Don’t be impressed. If anything, she needs to impress you.

Simply asking yourself, “I wonder if I will like this girl” before you move in will change your entire attitude, body language and comfort level. If you are impressed before she opens her mouth, then your attitude, body language and comfort will be that of “boring loser guy” – the same guy that approaches her with, “You are so beautiful”. I could go on for hours about the mindset – and I of course do in the new Alpha Audio, and my other classic audio, The Attraction Attitude.

But in general – I want you to start reframing the approach. Wonder to yourself if you will even like her. Go into the interaction as the buyer. See what she has to offer.

Now – the most natural phone number exchanges come when you are the most relaxed. When it’s just the next logical thing.  And – and this is key – when it’s not a big deal. You see, you weren’t there talking to her to get her number. But – after chatting with her and having a great conversation, it’s pretty natural that the next thing you’ll do is exchange digits. No big deal.

In fact, I like to assume it’s part of every great conversation I have with a woman. I just assume she’s going to give it to me – and believe me: women pick up on this. Just as if you expect them to “shoot you down” and they pick up on that too.

For the technique, here’s some things you have to do:

1.    Make sure you find out her name, and remember it.
2.    Engage her in a remotely interesting conversation about anything..
3.    Assume she’ll give you the number

As you are talking – you are of course listening. You get her name, you get some of her interests. You may even have something in common, like a love of dogs. Whatever it is. Take out your phone, repeat her name to her as you are typing it in.

“Rachel….” (tap tap tap)

Unless her name is “Mary” or something else simple – get her to spell it for you.

”Let’s see…R – A  - C – H….?”  She’ll help you out and then be primed.

Look at her. The next thing she’ll say is her digits.

And you didn’t even ask her for them.

You don’t have to. She was going to give you her number. You assumed that, didn’t you? Well, of course she is going to give it to you.

This is by far my favorite and most effective number-getting technique. It works everytime – especially if you’ve done the proper ground work and gone in with the right mindset. The ground work is simply an interesting conversation – one that you can learn quickly in my audio program Complete Conversation Technique. A conversation to a woman is a “connection” – and once you have a connection with her – she’s ready to give you’re her digits.

Here’s a couple of variables.

After you say her name and type it into your phone – hand her your phone so she can put her digits in. A nice little power move. Fun, too.

I like to send her a text while she is standing there. It just says, “Hi. – J.D.”

It’s a good way to give her your number – and see if she gave you her real number.

So remember – it’s not a big deal. It’s a natural thing to do. Acting like it’s part of the natural progression of things will make it part of the natural progression of things. Acting like it’s a big deal and something out of the ordinary will make it much more likely that you won’t get any number whatsoever.

Don’t have your phone with you? Same thing works with a piece of paper. Write her name down as you say it to her. Hand her the pen and paper. If she is for some reason hesitant – you just went for it too soon. When she hesitates, tell her you promise to call her 47 times a day like a moron. Smiling and kidding, of course.

You got the number. What to do with it is something we can talk about another time – or you can find out in how to handle phone calls, voicemails, texts and setting up dates over the phone in The Perfect Date Volume One (MML Audio). Have fun with that one this weekend. I bet you can out “number” your buddies 4 to 1 with this move. Open the phone. Look at her. She’ll give it to you more often than not.

I know.

Have a great weekend,
Let me leave you with this – if you want more women, if you want to control women, if you want to master women – you can. I did. You can. If that is your goal, then make it so. It is very doable – I know because I live it and I teach it every day.

And without action, my friend, your goals are just a wish.