“Getting women is easy. It’s all about being a man. Because a woman is genetically and instinctively programmed to be attracted to MEN. If you are one - she can’t help herself.”

- J.D. Dallas, CEO - Modern Male Lifestyle

The Modern Male in Crisis

Your dad was manlier than you. His dad was manlier than him. And so on, for all of history back to the Stone Age.

Well, maybe YOUR dad was a whiney little wuss bag - who knows? - but chances are, as we go back through the generations - men where much more “manly”

back in the day than they are today.

Look at the overwhelming adversity lived though by men just 2 generations ago - World War 2, the Great Depression, and no cell phones.

This fall NBC will air “Revolution,” a TV series about how mankind adjusted 15 years after losing all modern technology in a mysterious global electromagnetic pulse. I seriously belive that today’s men by and large wouldn’t last 20 seconds without a smartphone.

Don’t get me wrong - I’m thrilled with technology, the Enlightenment and and all that jazz. But with all these so-called “improvements” men in general have lost their self-reliance, ability to protect and the overall manly ability to “get chicks”. And no matter how many hoodied nerds become masters of the virtual universe or how many white-belt-wearing hipster doofuses research obscure garage bands, without manliness we’re going to die as a species.

Because being helpless or a nerd will never get you any women. (go ahead - email me about the sympathy lay you once got from a friend).

Speaking of TV shows - when a pipe broke at Pete’s party on “Mad Men,” and Don Draper ripped off his shirt like Superman and fixed the sink in his undershirt, no guy watching that show got lucky that night, since every one of them is a metrosexual liberal who immediately calls the plumber.

Is it your fault?

Probably not - I mean, you were born when you were born.

You didn’t have to weild a hammer or an axe to make a buck. You din’t have to fly a single-engine plane over Nazi Germany in 1945. You didn’t have to kill a deer for dinner. You didn’t have to build a log cabin from frickin’ scratch to keep the rain off of you and your family.

Heck - we didn’t even have air conditioning just a generation ago. You turned on a fan, jumped in the river or just sweat it out.

Has the modern world made YOU soft?

Have you had trouble meeting and keeping women?

Let me ask you - do you even know what it’s like to be Alpha - some of the time?

Alphas used to raise other alphas. It’s how we survived.

But modern society has watered the whole thing down.

You may have even got messed up by a feminist mom in the 1970s, who taught you that gender was a social construct.

Seriously - that was some crazy shit. My opinion.

I have had 3 sons born to me - and not one of them by 6 months old wants to play with a doll.

And ladies do go first. And we do hold the door for them. And they like it.

The whole thing was a sham. I say we are born different - and we are different. And men and women need, want and love the difference.

My very close friend and Modern Male Lifestyle staff writer and coach, Maya, backs up the position that real, Alpha, manly men are the pick of the crop.

“As much as I can appreciate a man who knows his sashimi, the more carnal, female side of me wants to see him tuck into a heaping plate of meat and potatoes; and to toss aside the cologne and let pheromones take charge. Yes, gentlemen, you’re allowed to and encouraged to, sweat in my presence” Maya said in a recent interview.

She went on to say, “When it comes to so-called manly traits, I would be kind of a masochist if I didn’t want a man with some level of emotional availability. But please, is it too much to ask that he not cry on a first date?”

When asked how to get into her pants, Maya says,

“Fix the brakes on my car.”

Gents, I’m telling you now - masculinity has become a cynical marketing campaign designed to sell us oversize automobiles and heart-stopping triple bacon cheeseburgers. And we fall for it: “Yes, yes I should eat a Whopper while driving a Suburban at 13 miles per gallon to fill the void of my dignity.”

Have you seen the Dos Equis beer commercials? “The most interesting man in the world…..” who is basically a charicature of manly men - but is he so over-the-top? What’s really happening is that we are to believe that since we have no manliness left, we can recapture it by buying the beer this guy drinks. Because it’s obvious we aren’t going to get it any other way…right?

It wasn’t that long ago that unless we showed some signs of being able to sack up and protect our young as well as our women and ourselves that the tribe down the river wouldn’t come ridin’ in, raping and pillaging.

I say we have a man-crisis.

A man-crisis that cannot be avoided by sitting on a couch watching James Bond, Clint Eastwood movies or “Rock of Love.”

Take back your balls.

Fix your own sink.

Know it’s okay for your 3-year-old son to dress up as a Knight of the Round Table and fall asleep cuddling a Hot Wheels car instead of a teddy bear.

When in doubt - hunt your own meat and fix your own brakes. Otherwise, the tribe down the street will raid and pillage your apartment, and steal your air-conditioning.

If you’re with me on this - if you want to make a difference in your own life - then I highly recommend you get ahold of my 3 powerful Alpha Male training Audio Programs.

Still not a believer?


Check out this article:

Hormonal women are more responsive to manly men, and Kinsey Institute researchers have the brain scans to prove it.

Women participating in the Kinsey study were shown 224 photos of men’s faces, some of which had been “masculinized” or “feminized” using photo-morphing. MRI scans revealed higher levels of brain response to the masculinized photos, particularly in women who were in the phase of their menstrual cycle immediately preceding ovulation and higher fertility.

The study, published this month in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior, is the first to show differences in neural activation to masculinized and feminized faces. One of the areas of the brain most activated by the images, the anterior cingulated cortex, is involved in decision-making and assessment, which indicates that women are calculating the risks and advantages/rewards related to a man with high levels of testosterone.

“Because male traits generally thought to predict good condition and even genetic quality often coincide with less desirable characteristics, women must balance potentially disparate mating priorities,” writes Heather Rupp, who headed up the study. “For example, although men characterized by more masculine testosterone-linked traits may be socially dominant and physically healthy, they are also less likely to invest in offspring and to enter into a partnered relationship.”


In the battle of nurture vs. nature, however, ovulating women ultimately will choose in favor of genetically strong children. At other points in the menstrual cycle, the feminized faces are preferred, indicating a dip in certain hormones and a preference for men who are willing to stick around and play catch with Junior.

“As is true for most social behaviors, both biology and social influences impact the output of behavior, and likely interact,” Rupp told LiveScience.
In addition, Rupp and her colleagues asked the women — none of whom were on hormonal contraceptives — to subjectively rate the images, and discovered that scan results didn’t always match up with stated preference.

Or, as I always say - they simply can’t help it.

Til Next time - Live the lifestyle
J.D. Dallas