Why the “Pick Up Artist” Approach Will Ultimately Fail You

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The Big Lie from the Pick Up Gurus - Don’t Fall for It

First of all - let me say that PUA and the whole “seduction community” phenomenon is not a bad thing. Nor is any of that stuff - gambits, lines, makeovers, etc. necessarily bad for you.

In fact - it’ s all great stuff to help get men into the mix and learning to get better with women.

Hell - I teach a ton of it.

But I would like to offer a bit of perspective on not letting PUA techniques or “gurus” become a crutch for you or any man. If it is a set of tools and steps in journey ultimately to confidence - that is good. It is great.

If it is a fake persona you have pull out of the closet and put on when you out - that is bad. Really bad.

Most dating coaches are really great guys. They sincerely want to help you.

Most dating coaches - myself included - have gone through the whole transformation, and have learned the hard lessons and taken the hits to the chin to get really GOOD at meeting women (among other things)

It’s this knowledge - this experience - that we pass on to you in hopes you don’t have to take 5, 10 maybe 15 years to figure it all out through trial and error - if at all.

On the other hand –

How may times have you seen these types of headlines on the web?

  • Here’s the can’t miss techniques!
  • Just say this!
  • Double and triple your dating!
  • Just do this one “secret” thing!

Is that guy serious? How dumb does he think I am? I mean - I guess i was pretty gullible at some time in my life. Because I did try a lot of these type of “programs”. And they all promised these quick-fix secrets.

Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? I wonder what it could be? And it’s sad, really. So many men see things like this out there and really want it to be true. If it were that easy - we’d all be doing it.

We’d have women crawling around our bedroom like a Gene Simmons photo shoot.

Now - while lines, moves and techniques are all fine and good, they in and of themselves do nothing to change who you are.

And if you are struggling with women, with confidence, with approaching, with attitude, with sex and relationships - that’s who you are, and saying “this” or “that” isn’t going to change it. I found out long ago this was true.

I tried every “abra-cadabra” line out there only to get shot down time and time again. What I - and lots of men - eventually found out was that women aren’t attracted to lines and moves delivered by boys, beta males and wussies.

What they are attracted to is a man. An alpha man.

And the real “magic” in that is that they can’t help it.

That’s right – it’s an instinct.

When You have the Attitude - You Have the Women

When you are alpha - all the lines, moves and techniques are yours - and they will work.

But not before.

You have to make the transformation. You have to understand the alpha mindset and display the characteristics of the man women are attracted to before you go trying any of these “can’t miss” techniques.

Guys write to me all the time and say, “How do I get her back” or “How can I get her to call me… chase me… want me…” etc. And they are hoping for a couple of tricks that make it all happen.

When I tell them it’s going to take a little work - some of them bail, and some of them are willing to learn. Hey - it’s up you. I know this kinda stuff sounds good - when you read on some “pick up chicks page” that you can say this to get her attracted to you – Everybody wants a quick fix.

But if you really want to change your life - for good and for the better - you’re going to need more than lines.

You Need the Alpha Attitude

And the great news is - It can be learned. It’s teachable. That is - if you’re willing to listen, learn, and do the work.

So, anyway - I hope you aren’t taken in by the “snake oil” you see out there - quick fixes and can’t miss lines. Anything worth having is worth working for.

And it doesn’t take that much work when you have the techniques and mindset laid out before you in a simple, easy to understand program. Or you can be like me - and learn it the hard way: over years and years of trial and error and experience.

When it comes to women, and it’s time to take action - I always say:

  • The best thing to do is the right thing.
  • The second best thing to do is something.
  • And the worst thing to do is nothing.

Read on for more about learning to be great with women and for some details on my 5-hours of the Alpha Life Training here.

The Alpha Life Series of Audio Programs is the most complete and effective material you will ever find anywhere on the subject – and at any price. And of course, like all of my material, this stuff simply works. What you learn here you can take with you the rest of your life.

Unlike other programs, we don’t tell you to “say this to act alpha”– the Modern Male Lifestyle shows you how to “think this and do this to become alpha” – and then the rest is easy.

Because a woman being attracted to an alpha man is as simple and natural as your attraction to a pretty face or a curvaceous figure. Neither of you can help it – it’s an instinct.


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  • The most important asset an alpha has - it’s something we all have, but the alpha knows how to use it
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What is the measuring stick most guys use for success with women?

How many women are you sleeping with?

One? Three? None?

Regardless of how many it is – or how many you want – there is a small percentage of guys out there who are sleeping with most of the available women.

Around 5 percent of men are sleeping with 90 percent of the women. It’s true.

And that 5 percent are all alpha males.

In any group, pack or tribe there is always an alpha male. The leader. The one who eats first, gets his choice of women, etc. And if you are, say, a lion – it’s good to be the alpha male. But as a man – you don’t need to be the only alpha male – you just need to be an alpha male.

The sad part is, most men will go their entire lives without knowing what it’s like to be alpha. They never make the transformation and they take what life gives them as a beta male. Little do they know it doesn’t take much to go from beta to alpha. If they did, then everyone would do it.

But most men don’t know how or are afraid. And here’s a tip, gents. Some real inside information. This alone can transform you if you apply it.

The big difference between alphas and betas. I’ll share it with you now.

You know that fear that betas have? That fear of the unknown…the fear of approaching…the fear of rejection…the fear of rocking the boat – all that fear. Well guess what? Everyone has those fears. They are human and not exclusive to beta males. That’s right, alpha men feel that stuff too.

No, alphas aren’t these crazy, fearless robots. They’re human too. The similarity is that betas and alphas both feel the fear – and the difference is that alphas proceed forward anyway. That’s it. That’s the main thing that sets you apart. Even when it comes to a thing like approaching.

A beta is going to back out or show his fear. An alpha is going to go full on into it no matter what.

And that is just about all it takes. To always be moving forward.

I talk to men all the time that say they get paralyzed with fear when it comes to approaching. And I understand that – I used to feel like that all the time. And what I discovered is that fear is actually inaction.

And the more we do nothing, the more fearful we are. But not only that – the only thing that kills this fear is action. If you think about it – the expression “paralyzed with fear” describes this perfectly. If fear is your enemy and is holding you back – then “fear” wants you to be motionless.

The less you act, the more fearful you become. Fear wins.

But real courage and real alpha behavior means that you act – and act fast. Action kills fear. The less you approach women – the more afraid you are going to be of it. The more you approach women, the less you are afraid of it. Simple, huh?

Well, it sounds simple enough – but most men don’t know where to begin. And that’s where me and my audio programs come into play. Usually the biggest two factors that contribute to fear are the wrong attitude toward women, and a lack of knowing what to say or do next. Once you have the attitude – you are pretty unstoppable. And once you have an arsenal of techniques, you’ll never have to fear “freezing up” again.

It’s a simple formula. And I’m not talking about canned pick up lines or magic tricks. I’m talking about real material that transforms you and the way you think. I want you to have a new way of looking at women and dating – a way in which the man is in charge and fulfills himself and his women. It’s the Alpha way.

You Can Learn It - And Live It

All of my programs are deeply rooted in the alpha male way.


Audio Class

My audio program, Total Control is simply the most devastating power moves and alpha mindset you’ll find anywhere.

This program is so effective that women are actually trying to get it unpublished and taken down.

And well they should – it is so simple and so effective and it works. Practical advice and technique that will have you in control of any women in your life for good.

Even if you are going out to meet women tonight you need to know the killer approach advice in this audio so that you can take control from the very beginning of any relationship.

I’ve help lots of men make the transformation. My best students and clients are the ones who listen to the audios, consult with me and are willing to do the work. Then the magic starts to happen for them.

I get emails, phone calls, etc. all the time with guys saying: “I got laid last night, thanks to you.” “I can’t believe how I used to think about women - just a few months ago.”

And I don’t have to make that shit up.

It’s all true - and my students who are reading this know it is true.

I can help any man become the alpha dating machine he wants to be.

It’s all can be learned.

Right here - right now.

Thanks for visiting our website - and go join our Facebook discussion group as well.

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All the best in your journey.

Write to me at jd@modernmalelifestyle.com

How many women are you sleeping with?

One? Three? None? 

Regardless of how many it is – or how many you want – there is a small percentage of guys out there who are sleeping with most of the available women. 

Around 5 percent of men are sleeping with 90 percent of the women. It’s true.

And that 5 percent are all alpha males.

J.D. Dallas

Dating Coach, Modern Male Lifestyle

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