The Art of Meeting Women

Let’s face it: Meeting Women is a skill. Just like anything else.

Hitting a baseball, fishing, dancing, playing poker – everything that we want to become good at takes practice.

It’s a simple fact – the more women you meet, the better you become at meeting women. There is only so much you can learn from online videos, books, newsletters like this one – and you have to take that stuff and put it into play.

So many men I talk to only approach one woman ever 3 or 4 months. They wonder why they aren’t improving and having more success.

A lot of times, it comes down to where they are looking.

One of the absolute worst places to try and meet women is in a bar, or a club. And yet that seems to be the go-to strategy a majority of men take.

Perhaps it’s because they have access to that shot of liquid courage at the bar.

But trust me, gents – if you aren’t skilled at meeting women, having a few drinks isn’t going to instantly make you better. If anything, it makes you worse.

Personally, I like to stay crisp and sharp when I’m meeting someone. That’s probably why I prefer coffee shops to meet girls.

If you think about it – there’s usually only a few good-looking girls at your local bar. And there’s 30 guys all after them.  And there’s loud music to contend with. And she knows you are hitting on her regardless of how you open her.

On the other hand – a girl in the aisle at the bookstore has no one focused on her but you.

So why do we get so afraid to talk to that girl at soccer game, at the coffee shop or at the grocery store?

These are excellent places to meet women – Hell, I have even got phone numbers filling up my tank at the gas station from the girls filling up their cars.

It’s just a matter of going for it.

And learning the skill. Putting in to practice the things you learn at my website.

As far as this “fear” thing goes – let’s first call it what it is: Anxiety.  It’s not fear.

You’re anxious. You’re nervous.

I approach women all the time – every day. And still get that rush. But it’s more positive than negative – it’s excitement.

I think the reason we get so anxious and nervous is because we are not prepared. Just like if you walked into class and there’s a pop quiz – and you didn’t study.

So some quick tips on being prepared:

  • Always leave the house looking your best. You will feel good and be more confident. If you run into a pretty girl in your sweatpants and haven’t showered, you’re unprepared.
  • Make eye contact and say hi to everyone you pass during your day. You need to have this skill, and this is the way to develop it. And it breeds confidence.
  • Study good pick up programs and conversation programs – and then have some things in your hip pocket that you are ready to say. This is being prepared. There is nothing wrong with memorizing good conversation starters.
  • Don’t get attached to the outcome. That is – when you decide to go talk to a woman, just look at it as a new experience, and it does not matter if you get her number or anything else. Just see what happens. When you force an outcome, you will almost always fail.
  • Start looking at every place you go as an opportunity to meet new women. Not just the bars or clubs. Bars and clubs you go to a maximum of once a week. Then there are 6 and half other days in the week you could – and should – be meeting women or practicing.

Meeting new women is an art. It’s a skill you can learn and get better at.

But you have to do it.

It’s the ONLY way to get better.

I can help you get better. Sure - I can give you tons of things to say - but at the end of the day you have to do it. And it has to come from a place of confidence.

Check out my Alpha Audio Books - on this website - to get the confidence you need to pull anything off.