Think Outside the Bar

Hello gentlemen – and the rest of you – I thought I’d share some of my most excellent thoughts on the places I end up meeting women.

Now, my friends, if you’re looking for a list of specific places to meet women – I have that for you – but know this:

You’re cheating yourself out of so many opportunities of meeting hundreds of fun, sexy ladies.

For me – and it wasn’t always like this - the right place is that spot I’m  standing in when I see a woman that grabs my attention.

It used to be go to the bars on Friday/Saturday and hope to meet someone. But now – you have to know this:  there really isn’t any specific place where it’s easier to pick up women.
The fact of the matter is that you can be at a bar where the women are easy to bed and still not score because you didn’t make a move.

On the other hand, you can be in church and successfully pick up because you had the courage to approach.

You can approach any woman in just about any place, as long as your timing is right and you do it with confidence and respect.

“Where are the best places to meet single women?” This has to be one of the most common questions I get asked. The amusing thing about this particular question is that it’s the incorrect one to ask. The obvious answer to this query is right under your nose. Women are everywhere.

Asking “where” is a “rookie booby trap question.” It’s like sending yourself on a wild booby chase wasting time when the women you seek are all around you to begin with. In other words, you’re procrastinating, or you’re looking for an excuse to avoid potential rejection.

The question you should be asking yourself is, “When is the best time to approach a woman?” After all, you already know where the ladies are, you’re just too scared or intimidated to approach them. Women are everywhere – and you see them every day, right?

A bar seems like an easy place to meet women, beautiful, single women consuming alcohol. But the problem is they don’t want to meet you at a bar.

To prove to the ladies that you have more substance than a light ale, you need to make more of an effort than throwing on a black shirt and some aftershave. You need to go to places where she can see that you are a well-rounded guy with interests and a functioning brain.

Not only will the extra effort help to enhance your personality and your appeal, but it also gives you the chance to meet a more exceptional woman, one who has better things to do
than stand at the bar and wait for you to buy her a drink. And by the way – don’t ever buy her one. Trust me.

There are far more women that do not like meeting men at bars.

Even if you’re good-looking, dressed nicely, even funny, but you keep getting fake phone numbers, polite rejections, and blatantly rude refusals.

So stop looking for women in all the wrong places.

Bars and parties may seem like great spots to meet women, but women are rarely open to come-ons of any sort in these settings. Bars and parties exude mystery, wildness and sex; many women see men who are on the prowl at bars and parties as generic party hounds and playas who only want one-night stands.

A woman’s defenses are up at a bar or party. It can be done – but it’s a lot easier to approach her in a place where she is relaxed and receptive to meeting you. It’s more fun and exciting for her.

The problem is that most guys need the couple drinks to get up the courage in the first place. So if that’s you – then get a hold of my audio training programs and get to practicing.

You’ll be approaching in no time – without the alcohol.

I personally like to get away from the booze and the blaring music and approach women in less obvious places.

I like to approach her in places where she can get a sense of your personality and see that not only do you have interests, but you also share some of hers. This helps a woman make a “connection” and she gets swept up. In obvious pick up places – the “connection” is rarely ever felt, because she KNOWS you are hitting on her.

Here are some of the places I’ve actually met women – got numbers, dates and more.

Gas station.
At the pump. How many times does this happen to you? You are filling up your ride and you are checking out the woman at the next pump. Then she drives off and you’re thinking, “Man – I’d totally hit that.”

Well – I saw a super-cute blonde filling her tank next me, and I just started talking to her. Her car had mud splashed up on it, and I was like, “So – what…do you live on a farm?” And I busted her just a little about how dirty her car was. Get this – She chats with me – then ASKS ME if I’m single.

Numbers exchanged. Dates ensued.

The Gym / Sports
Here’s one of those situations where there’s TONS of women – and you usually just sneak a look and don’t chat. What I like to do is join the co-ed sports leagues. Volleyball, softball, etc.  But think of how great this is:  Not only do you get to be surrounded by a group of sweaty, athletic women, but you also may meet someone who shares your love of sports.

Try consoling a woman from the losing team and point out one of the excellent plays she made. Or, approach a woman from the winning team. Since her endorphins will be soaring from the exercise and the victory, she may be in a state to say yes to just about anything.

In my case, She did.

The Book Store
We have a lot of mom and pop type stores where I live – but even if you don’t there’s always Barnes and Noble or something similar.

Here’s your chance to prove there is more to you than your rugged good looks and chisled body. Check out a woman who’s browsing in your favorite sections. Mine is the music section, and physics section.

This gives you the opportunity to ask her about a book she may have read, or recommend one that you’ve read especially over a cup of coffee at the bookstore’s coffee shop.
Take a Class

Dude – this one is awesome. My best girlie pal Maya told me to join a yoga group. I resisted for a year and half. Dumb move!

Any type of movement, sweaty class. Dance, aerobics, or yoga classes: As soon as all the women find out you are straight – they’ll be very impressed by your ability to express your less masculine traits.

And not only will you be improving your own physique, you will be surrounded by a classroom full of sculpted, scantily clad, sweating women. It’s really quite amazing.

I’ve suggested more than a couple of women to my pal Maya that I’ve brought home from yoga for a more private, 3-person class.

Any dance class that requires a partner (i.e. Latin or swing dancing) is a good choice. If you show up and there’s no women there you want to “hit on” stay anyway.  Women love men who can dance even more than they love men who can cook.

Plus – dancing with a woman is a great preview (for both of you) of how you handle your bodies. Later, you’ll be handling hers.

And if that’s not your thing (what’s wrong with you!?) Try Painting, cooking or a language class: I have personally found that women really do love men who can cook for them. It always give me a great excuse to invite them over.

Dinner – my place. I’m cooking, you’ll love it. Bring the wine.

There are tons of other places – every time you walk out the door. The key is to see someone you like and go for it.

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t wait too long to approach a woman with whom you’ve had some sort of eye contact. Two such reasons are that, 1) someone else might make a move on her before you do; and 2) she’ll think you’re a stalker.

When you approach a woman, use an icebreaker, keep it witty, amusing, sincere, and don’t be too serious. If you need help with that – get some of my audio training that is packed full of great conversation starters.

Best –

JD Dallas