How many times in your life have you been dominated by a woman?

Some of you may not even know what that means – others may be looking back through the last few years counting the times. What is domination, anyway? Well, we’re not talking about some kinky costume-laden activity. What domination is – in the world of men and women – boils down to: Who has control? Let me ask you a few questions – see if any of this sounds familiar:

  • Have you ever been afraid to approach a woman?
  • Have you even been in a relationship where you felt like she could leave at any moment?
  • Did you ever want to have sex with her, but she decided she didn’t want to right now?

Think about those for a moment, then let ask you this:

  •  Have you ever been having a great day, then all of a sudden it turns to shit because of her mood?
  • Do you wonder often what you can do to please her?
  • How many dates have you been on – paid for everything – and ended up “just friends” or even less?

I know some of this has to sound familiar to you, even if you do have some success with women. How about these:  

  • Do you sometimes think all women are mean or crazy?
  • Have you ever thought, “I’m the perfect guy for her – but she doesn’t realize it”?
  • Have you ever not done something you wanted to do for fear it might piss her off?

If you are answering “yes” to any – or all – of these questions, then you have been dominated by a woman, and quite possibly women as a gender.

I’d like to say that it is not your fault – and to some extent it isn’t. Men as a gender these days have little clue about how to attract and dominate women. The reasons are many and can take a while to explain, but let’s cut to accepting that it must be true that men aren’t behaving in ways that attract women or this wouldn’t even be an issue.

The main problem is this: men have no idea how to go about dominating women, and their main inclination is to instead go about trying to please a woman at any cost. Pleasing her by putting her on a pedestal, spending tons of cash on her, giving up entire areas of their own lives, letting her get away with outrageous behavior, and on and on. Men seem to be telling a woman “yes” all the time, when really all she wants is a man with the balls to tell her “no.” And most men read this and think, “But I don’t want to piss her off… won’t she be mad if I tell her no”? And therein lies the problem.

Not only is it totally wrong – but it is the natural reaction of most every man on the planet these days.

And this why it’s so hard for men to dominate women – they have strong inclinations and feelings about what a woman wants, and all of them are wrong. That is to say that a man’s approach to dating, relationships, and meeting women is often the opposite of what actually works.

The proper way to seduce and dominate a woman is actually very counterintuitive. While most men are chasing women – the really successful men have women chasing them. How do you even go about that? How do you get a woman chasing you? I teach men to do this all the time – and the really successful ones go all-in and throw caution to the wind. It comes down to your value vs her value. Think of it this way.

When You Give a Woman Everything – Especially Yourself – She Puts Little Value On it and You

What do we do with things that are free? Better yet – what do we do with things that cost us a lot of time and effort? Anything you have to work for holds a lot more value to you than something that was given to you for free. When a woman doesn’t have to work for your attention, she doesn’t value your attention. So, for example – if you call her everyday, text her everyday, show up at her house all the time and shower her with attention, she’s not working for it is she?

But for example – if she has to text you 6 times and call you 3 more before you get back to her, then she’s working for your attention. And it intrinsically has more value to her. Think about a guy on the street who hands a you a piece of paper or a flyer – what do we do with that? Right – we throw it away.

The same principles apply in all areas of meeting women and relationships. If you are hesitant to approach a woman, it’s because you are worried about trying to impress her – hoping she will like you and give you some attention.

Instead – how would it be if you were actually evaluating her instead of worrying about what she thinks about you? I can say from experience that it works much better in creating attraction and value.

I talk to men all the time who used to wake up every day thinking, “How can I please her today?” and they didn’t even realize there was anything wrong with that. And after just a few short weeks of training their entire dating lives are turned around and they are dominating in the dating and seduction game.

What we do at the Modern Male Lifestyle is teach you – through coaching and audio training – the new mindset of the modern alpha male. It’s a mindset and a lifestyle that puts you in control of yourself and all the women you can handle.

If you do anything today – make yourself a little more valuable to her or to any women. Be in demand – be hard to get ahold of . Just as a start – just to try something different. Because if what you are doing and have been doing has you answering “yes” to some of the questions we asked at the beginning of this message, isn’t it time to try something different?

Doing the same things – thinking the same way – will get you the same results. It’s not that you haven’t met the “right woman” yet. All women will respond the same way to the same actions – so learn the proper way to act. Learn the new alpha mindset – the one that will get women chasing you. I teach it and I teach it well – and men live and learn it all the time. It’s not that hard to make a change if you want it bad enough. Try a few of our techniques and see the results. Start to think in a whole new way about dating and women. You can always go back to the “old way” of doing things.

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