If you really want her to not flake, you have to learn
With texting basically becoming the primary source of communication for almost everyone, it’s important to know how to do this thing properly. You don’t want to keep getting numbers and no follow ups with the women.

Now, the truth is that texting skills can only take you so far.

You also must know how to interact with a woman in person.

You need to understand the fundamentals of creating attraction, flirting, going on dates, and getting a woman back to your bedroom.

Of course, that is where all of my audio programs come into play. I can teach you – quickly – how to get her home and into bed, and what to do to make her come back for more.

But I understand your need to learn how to text, as well.

Texting is a low-pressure way to setup a date.

The conventional  knowledge from most dating “expert” sources (like online Men’s magazines, etc) is that they say the most tried and true generic way to “court” someone over text is  suggest an activity that you can do together.

Something like, “Hey I’m going to X on Thursday, you should come along – it’ll be awesome  ” It’s casual and she’s more likely to say yes.

That’s okay. It probably works okay as well. It’s not much a “date” but it can get you rolling with her eventually.

As I always say, though –  If you really want to stand out and you can’t set up your date in-person, call and let her hear your voice.

This shows great character, confidence, and closeness.

But let’s take texting to the Modern Male Lifestyle level.

Here are FOUR STEPS OF TEXTING for a date that I use all the time.

The first thing you do is get her number (this isn’t step one).

I’m just going to assume you got the number here, or you know how. If not, get The Art of the Pick Up Line Audio Now.

So you approached the hot girl at the bar, got into a great conversation and you have a new number in your phone.

And you want that number to convert into the date.

I’ll show you how.

Just remember - Texting women does require some time and effort to get good at – just like anything else.

The more you do it, the better you get at it, and the more it becomes second nature.

Do you know the art of Connecting Texts, Teasing Texts, Ping Texts? Trust me, I know, there are TONS of ways to get her replying, then get her on a date, and then wherever else you like…

What we’re going to focus on, along with some other great tips, is getting her out on that first date.

Setting up the date, keeping attraction alive and making sure she doesn’t flake is your goal here.

As part of the dating process, you’re responsible for keeping in touch with her and making things interesting.

This this works in your favor if you know what you’re doing.

Texting allows you TIME to come up with witty and enticing responses from a safe location. I think this is good and bad – it’s bad if you rely solely on texting for conversation. You’ll never develop the on-the-fly conversation skills you need in the real world – and on the date.

It’s good, however, because you can calculate what you’re going to “say”.

Here are some simple points to remember when texting a girl you’re interested in.

Most men make the mistake of going for a date too soon.

What happens is you’ll get no response. Remember, this is someone you DON’T KNOW yet, and she doesn’t know you. So if you demand too much of a woman you’ve just met, it’ll freak her out.

Your mission shouldn’t be to get her in bed at this stage; it’s to get her to respond.

Here’s a typical, seemingly innocent text, but it’s the big mistake.

“Hey - was great to meet you last night. Let’s do something this weekend?”

This is bad –going for a date straight off the bat gives her too much validation and comes across as needy. Always wait until you get a response before you ask for the date.

To summarize –

Do not try and arrange a date in the first text.

Do not over validate them. (no kisses, or ‘hey cutie..)

When it IS time to get the date - Do not be vague ( like ‘what are you up to this weekend?’ makes it difficult for her to respond).

She is much more likely to meet up with you if you invite her along to something specific (Meet me at X on X day at X time)

So – what DO you text her? And how do you get her to respond?

Well – she can’t respond to you if she doesn’t know who you are, how you met, or if you don’t elicit a response. The easiest way to elicit a response is to throw in a question.

Step One: Build a Good Response Text

To build a good text – consider these points:

1. Hey (HER NAME) (if you have a nickname for her based on something funny that happened in meeting her, that’s even better ).
2. Remind her of the high point of the interaction   (if you are using the Modern Male Lifestyle methods of making a connection and creating attraction, there should easily be something you both bonded over or both laughed at)
3.  Make a fun assumption about what she’s doing now  –  this is based on what you find out about her in meeting her.    instead of asking her ‘how was the rest of your evening?’ you can say ‘Bet you did this….’ Or an example of a text I sent recently ‘Bet you are watching reruns of “Snapped” while eating Doritos’)
4.  Have a question, ideally a specific one, so they have something to respond to.

Step Two: Sense how into you she is.

In her response to your first text, you can gauge her level of interest. If she’s not that into – just move on to the next number you have. If you keep pursing, this just says ‘I care so much more about this than you do’.

However – DO NOT play it too cool when she’s giving you all the signs to go for it.

So pay attention to what she says.

If your question is ‘How was the rest of your weekend?’ and she replies with ‘yeah it was pretty good thanks’ it is evident she hasn’t tried that hard – she’s not playing hard to get, she’s just not interested. If it looks like she’s just responding for the sake of responding, it’s not a good sign that she wants to hook up with you.

So look for lengthier, involved, or enthusiastic responses, like:  ‘Oh hey, nice to meet you too, yeah it was really fun thanks. Just had a quiet one on Sunday and now I’m back at work, how about you?’

Just examples, but you get the idea. If she is in this mode, just go for it now while she’s up for it.

Don’t ever waste time when she wants to hook up or  you will lose her. The goal of texting is to get her IN PERSON – not continue a text relationship

Third Step: Stand Out from Other Guys

Like we said - most guys send the boring and generic text ‘Hey great to meet you, do you want to go for a drink this weekend?’

You don’t want to sound like every other guy: you want her to say YES.

Keep in mind - the prospect of meeting up with a relative stranger over drinks could be a potentially awkward, boring and uncomfortable experience for her.
So just paint an exciting picture in her mind of what you’ll be doing together.

‘I still want to talk old record albums, knock back a martini and put up with your bad jokes. How does this Tuesday at Bar Louie work for you?’

Obviously, what you write has to relate back to something you talked about or agreed to do when you first met, even better.

Step Four: Give her clear details

YOU are the man. Tell, don’t ask. Women hate being asked to make all the decisions about a date. So as you learn in my audio training classes - lead her and direct her.

So if she says YES to your date idea you should use the next text to confirm the details. And be as specific as possible.

This is more certain and authoritative. So don’t try and get confirmation, just TELL HER ‘Meet me at Bar Louie Tuesday at 8pm’.

Step Five: What to Do Between Now and Then

You have the details and she’s agreed to come – and there is STILL A GOOD CHANCE to BLOW IT. Let’s say there is a week’s space between now and that date.

Should you text her in the meantime? Shouldn’t you at least text her on the day to confirm that the date is still on?

You really should be texting her just enough to keep the spark of attraction alive.

By the time of your “date” you want her to want you badly: not to have forgotten all about you.

Stop her flaking on the day by sending a message such as “Oh, yeah…Martinis”

DO NOT show uncertainty or neediness by asking if the date is still on, just assume it is.

At the end of the day, the same things I teach in all my audio programs apply to texting as they do to real life: be confident, assertive, direct and lead her right to where you want her.

Live the Lifestyle
JD Dallas