What Do I Say to a Woman….
Email From a  Reader:

Is there one standard classy line you use when asking a woman to sleep with her?Is it I want to sleep with you?   I want to go to bed with you?  I want to f*ck you?
I want to have sex with you?Thanks - Jeffrey JD’s Answer


This is a great question. In fact, it’s an awesome question.

And if I – or any other man on the planet – had the perfect pick up line, that makes women want to sleep with you, works in all situations and for every man….well, you know I’d be rich and we’d all be getting so many women we wouldn’t have time to write and answer these questions.

So – if you haven’t guessed, let me lay this out for you: There are no perfect, standard, works-every-time lines.

Does that mean there aren’t things you can say and do to increase your success with women? Of course not – there’s lot’s of great advice and techniques that have been tried and succeeded with over and over again.

But before I go on to answer this question – I’d like to address a mindset that I think permeates the dating world. A mindset that somehow has men in general thinking there is a magic potion or perfect combination of secret words out there that they just need to learn.

I think you know what I mean.

How many times have you seen a guy leave a with a girl, and you thought, “Man – I wonder what he SAID to her?”

Most men think this – and most men are coming from a mindset of: “I don’t know what to say to her….”

So it leads us to wondering….and wanting to know exactly what we should say. And this mindset runs deeper than you might think.

This mindset also works pretty well as an ego-defense mechanism. Yeah – that’s right.

We see other men with pretty women – and we do the math:

He’s not taller than me, or better looking, or makes more money than me…in fact, I’m much better than him all the way around. It MUST BE SOMETHING HE SAID TO HER.

Now…if I could just find out what that was!

You see the lie?

Do you see the ego defense?

I couldn’t possibly be that WE are the problem, right?

And after all – who wants to admit that?

Who wants to admit that, yes, I AM THE PROBLEM when it comes to NOT getting women.

Answer is, of course: No one.

So we rationalize – and figure that this other guy must know some secret we don’t. I wonder what he said to her?!?

And of course – if it were that simple – we’d all quickly find out and it would spread across the world like wildfire.

Most of the so-called Dating Gurus out there play on this very theme. They hit you in the insecurity and know that you are struggling for what to say to women.

So they tell you – “I know exactly what to say! And I’ll teach you!”

You’ll even see them call their information “insider tricks” and “top secret techniques” and propose to charge you a lot of money to get the information.

Really now?

An insider….to what?

There’s no group or society they are on the inside of – but as long you think their might be a secret lair somewhere with a think-tank of international playboys bringing back supermodel after to supermodel to their giant orgies, you may want to see if you can get a peek at what they know.

Now, of course I offer lots of great things to say and do around women. But you and I both know that none of that stuff in and of itself is the answer. I’ve said it since day one when I got into this profession: “Without the Attitude – Nothing Works”.

And that means this:

If I gave a guy who has no experience with women and is afraid to approach them all my “best techniques” and exactly what to say – how well do you think he would do in a room full of women?

Or what about this:

What if I walked into a club with another guy, and I went up to a woman and said, “Hi – I’m JD and I’m an Alpha Male…”

But the other guy just simply ACTED like an Alpha Male – surrounding himself with people and women, treating her as an Alpha would, and show all the Alpha characteristics we always talk about here at Modern Male Lifestyle ….

Who do you think would get the girl?

If you haven’t already caught on, where I’m going here is that it’s not so much what you say to a women. It’s how you act – what you SHOW her that is important.

There are a lot of ways to SHOW a woman your sexual interest in here, without even saying a word.

There are still more ways to say things and do things that bear no resemblance to saying, “I want to sleep with you” that SHOW her you want to sleep with her – AND get her ready to do just that.

Sure – you could tell her. But you’d still have to back it up with action.

If you haven’t already – get and listen to my Audio Program Absolute Seduction to learn all of the things I’ve been talking about. There is plenty of “what to say” as well has what to do and how to act – and I guarantee none of it is “Hey…I want to have sex with you.”

But it all shows her you do – and gets her ready to do it.

Two other titles that will help you with this situation are:

The Perfect Date Volume One
Sex and Seduction – The Perfect Date Volume Two.

Those three audios are over 7 hours of material – so I couldn’t possibly write it all out for you here.

But the over-arching theme here is, don’t tell her…show her.