(This was written over Labor Day Weekend - 2013)

There’s several times a year that the entire country of America seems to roll out the grill, put some beers on ice and have friends over to the backyard for a day-long gathering. This weekend - Labor Day Weekend - is statistically the highest percentage-wise of people either hosting or a attending a cookout.

While its a great time to to indulge in bratwurst, cold beer and volleyball - it’s also a great time to meet or get-to-know new women.

I usually advise that “anytime you leave the house is a perfect opportunity to meet new women” - and the thought behind this is getting men to always be prepared and to think outside of the box it comes to traditional ways we think of meeting new, attractive, exciting people. The bar/club scene is such a tough scenario to get your groove on and really connect with someone given all the competition, noise and kamikaze shots.

You may be aware that one of the best sources of “hooking up” with someone new is your social circle.

That is - women you may already know or be aware of, or women that your friends know. Heck - one of the best things about being in the dreaded “friend-zone” with an attractive woman is that she has attractive friends. And by being your friend, she already likes you - and is likely to recommend you to some of those single friends.

In short - there are a myriad of ways to be introduced to new people - and the notion of “you HAVE to go to your friend’s damned bar-b-que” can actually be a pleasant experience if you look at it as a chance to meet that someone special.

Even if you haven’t considered it - you have probably been at a 4th of July picnic, or some similar event, and - wow - look at all the hot chicks that are here. If only you knew the best way to get a conversation going and maybe get to know some of them….

Well - read on. I’ll share some of my vast experience with you on meeting new poeple in this situation.

So, you roll into your buddy’s back yard and you survey the grounds. Oh - look at HER. I wonder if she’s single…I wonder if she’s nice…damn, she’s pretty…

How do you even start talking to a complete stranger in this situation?

The first thing I recommend is focus on your commonality. What do you have in common with her?

Well - you’re both at a backyard bar-b-que.

How did that happen?

I like to just ask her!

“Hi - I’m JD…so, how do you know the host?”

Boom. A fabulous opener. This sparks more organic conversation than any corny pickup line ever will.

Plus, it has the added bonus of feeling out that burning question, “Is she single”?

Because if her boyfriend is friends with the guy, she’ll tell you that. “Oh, I don’t know anybody here - my boyfriend is friends with so-and-so…”

And you can get also get out of this conversation if you need to and move on to that other hottie over there.

Of course, if she doesn’t offer up that she’s “taken” just keep on talking, Romeo.

Don’t know what to say? A good place to start is by downloading my epic Audio Course on just that: Complete Conversation Technique. It is an instant MP3 download and is packed with over 3 hours of how to engage anyone in an interesting conversation - with tons of conversation starters, interesting questions to ask, and how to master the art of listening to her to help you form a connection that can lead to quick attraction.

But in general, be armed with the perfect opener: “So, how do you know our illustrious host?”

You will also likely find yourself confronted with two or more women in a group - and it’s always good to just ask them, “How do you guys all know eachother?”

Then - once you get the lay of the land, you can use one of my absolute favorite conversation starters that will engage everyone and do some important fact-finding and bonding.

It goes something like this:

“Okay - I’d really like to get a female opinion on something….”

Watch as all the women intently perk up and focus in on your every word now. Seriously, that statement always gets that reaction.

You go on to say:

“So - let’s say that you left your facebook account open on your phone or computer, and a guy goes in an reads all of your messages - and even gets mad at YOU for something you said in there…is that a break-up type offense? Would you dump the guy?”

This is an awesome conversation starter - for many reasons.

First, women LOVE to give their opinion on just about anything. Not only that - you are a frickin’ hero for giving them something interesting to do at an otherwise likely dull gathering.

Second, it is a relationship question - so you are heading down the path of boyfriend/girlfriend talk - and everyone has been in this situation at one time or another. Either on the spying end or the recieving end.

And boy, will the emotions and opinions fly. And all the while you are the center of attention because they are all answering YOUR question and trying to help you out with their take on this scenario.

You are also going to find out if any of these girls are in a relationship, because it will come up in a relationship conversation.

You will also accomplish something very important for any meaninful “connection” you want to establish later in the evening - and that is what is called illiciting Values.

What illiciting values means is that you are getting her to tell you about things that she feels strongly about. Things that you can bond over later - because you feel strongly about them too, or you were moved by her take on a certain topic…or, whatever.

This conversation also gives you the chance to show what a great guy YOU are as well.

Every time I have used this conversation starter someone always says something like, “Well, what did you see when you read her emails…” or “Did your girlfriend hack into your account or…..” and I get to say, first of all, that, “Oh - it wasn’t ME - I don’t have a girlfriend right now….”

Or, basically - tell everyone YOU are single.

And you can talk about how invading someone’s privacy in that way is one of the worst things you could ever do….etc. etc. Which helps establish you as non-jealous, a moral guy, good guy, etc.

These two “lines” I’ve mentioned - “how do you know the host” and the “Email/Facebook hack” are more than just lines.

They are carefully crafted conversation starters that are perfect for this type of situation - and they help to do a lot more than just chit chat. All of my material is that way - it goes way beyond a simple pick up line.

In fact, a good portion of what we really do at the Modern Male Lifestyle is help men better themselves in almost EVERY WAY. Helping to transform you into the ultimate Alpha Male you are supposed to be from birth.

Being Alpha is not a game, and it’s not a bad thing. It’s a way of life.

One that will, among other things, attract more women to you naturally by just being who you are and being confident about it.

With that said - I hope you now feel ready to go to that Labor Day weekend cookout and hopefully you aren’t dreading it as much as you may have been.

Because now you are armed with some social skill and great conversation openers designed to not only break the ice, but to help you connect with someone special.

Live the Lifestyle,



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