Maya Jordan On the Air

Maya On the Air

Dear Men –

Could you do me and women everywhere a huge, solid favor?

Stop being unattractive and show some alpha male behavior.

Women - like me - everywhere are really thinking: “Please make me desire you… I’m begging for it”.

Women really do want you… I do… logically and intellectually, I want someone like you who will treat me nicely. You are exactly who I want to be with… The problem is that I, along with women everywhere, am very emotional when it comes to dating and relationships.

Have you ever heard that before? JD has probably told you in countless audio programs, “Women are emotional - Men are supposed to be logical. When men act and react emotionally, they are acting like women.”

And if you are paying attention - women aren’t attracted to female qualities….they are attracted to MEN.

That means it’s up to you to make us FEEL powerfully attracted to you - or else you’re going to spend your nights alone… For real. 🙂

You will attract women when you stop being the beta male. It’s that simple.

FYI - in the MML Audio Training THE ALPHA LIFE VOLUME 1 you will find a dynamic list of Beta Behaviors you NEED TO AVOID - most you may not even be aware you have. But trust me, us women see them and know what they are. Of course there’s tons of Alpha Techniques in there for you too. I highly recommend this audio program.

So to anyone who may be inadvertantly being Beta - know this: You’re so much more than that!

radicalinnergame_banner2_336X280(1)You wonder why women gravitate towards the ‘bad boy’… that dude who “uses us and abuses us”… the one who treats us like less than the queens that we are?

Do you really think it’s because all women are simply insecure and don’t think we deserve more?

No, Silly. That’s not the reason for all of us.

Some of us are quite secure in ourselves…

Though we are attracted to the ‘bad boy’ in a very primal, all-encompassing way because he creates the attraction! He uses his personal power to attract women.

How, you ask?

Do women really want jerks?

No…we don’t.

But when the majority of men are Beta and insecure - a man who shows just a little Alpha behavior sticks out like a mofo!

While it may be “bad” for us gals - we at least see that these jerks have SOME Alpha qualities.

Here it is: Alpha Male Behavior…

A mix of fun, excitement, charm, and masculinity wrapped in unbridled sexuality, topped off with a sense of independence, self-respect, and self-confidence.

Read it again. Let it roll around in your head for a minute.

Now think about the men who openly display Alpha Male behavior.

THEY ARE NOT all good-looking, tall, with loads of money - what most men *think* women want.

Think about Tom Cruise. He’s 5’6″. If he were not a movie star, most women would completely rule him out on height alone. But he has confidence and charm. By exhibiting Alpha Male behavior, instead of being insecure, he becomes desirable.

What about Johnny Depp? He respects himself so much that he won’t take roles that he doesn’t like… even if they are money makers. He is masculine and has sex appeal.

And I know what you’re thinking…

These men are VERY good-looking. What about guys who aren’t naturally gorgeous… they can’t attract women.

That is the BIGGEST UNTRUTH ever in the world of attraction. I can’t stress this enough –

It’s not about what a woman sees, it’s about how you make her FEEL.

When you display Alpha Male behaviors, she feels powerfully attracted to you.

She can’t help it.

Do you understand that? You see - it’s an instinct in a woman to be powerfully attracted to Alpha Males. Instincts are in their DNA - hence, they can’t change it or ignore.

You know what I mean - when a woman says, “Oh, he just has that certain something….” this is what we’re talking about it. We can’t explain it, it just IS.

Have you ever seen Ike Turner? I mean, the real one? You really think that Tina Turner would have stayed with Ike, getting her ass beat constantly, if during off-ass-beat time she didn’t get the rush of excitement and pleasure from her man? Hell naw! She would have bounced if the good times didn’t outweigh the bad. So would a lot of abused women.

But the truth is, this kind of guy creates so much pleasure at INSTINCTUAL levels for women. A guy, no matter his physical or financial status, abusive tendencies, or mental illness, who has the above qualities, can attract women.

Any and every woman has succumbed to a relationship with the ‘bad boy’, because it FEELS SOOOO GOOD! The “bad boy” is not afraid to show his Alpha Male behaviors to women.

That’s such a welcome break.

When you meet a hot woman who actually has her sh*t together and she keeps attracting guys who are less than she deserves, think about it this way…She has guys falling all over her… all day, every day… and it’s happened probably since she started puberty.

Five guys tell her that she’s beautiful, then follow her around like a puppy…

Another five men tell her that he’s never met anyone like her, then they buy inappropriate gifts. They call her all the time.

Still others are wound-up and nervous - they exhibit body language that screams I FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE AROUND YOU BECAUSE YOU’RE SO INCREDIBLE!

And yet another one doesn’t think he deserves her, so he stays firmly planted in the friend-zone instead of working on seducing her… he’s there for her like a rock, picking her up from the airport after she spends a weekend visiting the ‘jerk’ who makes her nipples sing and other parts all wet….

You can imagine that after she meets guy after guy like this, beta male after beta male, it gets a little boring…

So what does this hot, real woman really want?

To have fun! To have a man who acts like a MAN! To have an equal or stronger partner, preferably a guy who can protect her.

And… wait for it………

To get her freakin’ back blown out by a man who has created so much sexual tension that she is the one who is actually pursuing sex with him!!

He doesn’t even have to be a superstar in bed! Her EMOTIONS will make her think he’s a GOD!

It’s true.

The sexual turn-on for a woman is IN HER HEAD.

For men - it’s being with the super-hot woman. For the woman - it’s being with the Alpha Male…and if she (in her head) believes she is with him, that she did get him into bed, it’s a huge turn-on for her.

The catch is that she knows that she shouldn’t fall for this dude… because he is probably like all the other bad boys, an insecure little bitch with control issues and a wandering d*ck… but that doesn’t matter. When he creates this type of attraction, displaying alpha male behavior - funny, charming, confident, in control, unpredictable - she feels LUST for him at VERY DEEP LEVELS.

And lust may not be love, but it’s just as POWERFUL a motivator as love.

This feeling is what makes her buy new panties to wear just for you. It makes her call YOU for a booty call and return your text messages quickly.

Love may make the world go ’round, but this LUST she feels makes it a much more exciting ride!

The Second Biggest Untruth about Women and Attraction is that women aren’t sexual, or they don’t want sex like a man does.

Women are just as sexual, if not more sexual than men! …ours is simply a softer, more sensual sexuality… but it’s still SEXUAL.

We want it!

We think about it as much as you do. We really do.

We want to be a little slut for you… doin’ it to you until you can’t take it anymore.

We want to let go of all of our inhibitions and really get down and dirty with you… screaming your name, rubbing our bodies all over you, all that!

We want to be your naughty girl dammit and we want to GET OFF!

But her comes Mr. Beta Male and he has not learned how to get us to that point.

Beta Guy falls short on creating passionate situations because he hasn’t learned how to be sexually attractive.

In short - he has no idea how to exhibit Alpha Male behavior.

And I hear you… you don’t want to change “who you are”.

You brush off doing the hard work by saying,

  • “Jerks get all the girls”.
  • “I can’t attract women because they don’t want a nice guy.”
  • “Why can’t they just like me for me?”
  • *Weep weep weep, sad face, whine whine, cry.*

You can’t go into it with that mind-set.

Here’s a good place to start.

Look at yourself and ask this question “Would I want to date and have sex with me?”

Yeah, you may think you have skills… but just how many women have you seduced?

No matter how many - is it the number of women you WANT to seduce?

How many women have you got to try your skills on? 1? 4? 7?

I’m gonna let you in on a little secret.

Practice makes perfect.

“Well - how am I going to get practice if good-looking, cool women won’t give me the time of day?”


Women WILL give you the time of day - when you show your alpha male behavior.

You have to go out looking for women to practice your new mind-set with.

And believe me, we’re everywhere.

Problem is, you’re not looking for practice.

Your mind is set on finding that hot chick you can make into your girlfriend and eventually your wifey. Or you’re looking for that one night stand - and are not able to hide your intentions because you give off a needy vibe.

Think about it… A hot chick, one who has her head on straight, is probably using the beta male, as practice…

She may not come out and say it, because she doesn’t realize she’s doing it, but she is.

As a woman - I know me and my girls have all thought this:

“Hmmm, this nice guy asked me out so I *guess* I’ll go with him… I’ll be all girly and cute for the evening with him, allow him to fawn all over me and boost my ego, then run go over this other guy’s house (the one who displays Alpha Male behavior) to get laid afterwards”. A perfect night.”

Hehe…sad…but true!

And we Don’t Want It To Be That Way. We’d rather be attracted to the guy who is taking us out.

The Beta won’t use people for practice (all the while offering them loads of pleasure) because… yep, you guessed it… he’s too nice! Sad, sad, sad.

I know some of you reading this are ready to stop being a Beta Male and learn how to show your Alpha Male behavior.

If you are ready to get women chasing you instead of the other way around, then look at some of the great Mindset and Techniques you can learn RIGHT AWAY….

What we will teach you in just a few hours:

  •     10 Alpha Traits you can demonstrate and use right away
  •     12 Advanced Alpha Characteristics and how to make them part of who you are
  •     Techniques for commanding a room full of women
  •     Alpha mindset - exact priorities and how to make them work for you
  •     What it means to have value - and how this attracts women
  •     Why women love an Alpha in the first place - and how you use this to win them
  •     Get women chasing you - after all, they are already looking for Alpha Males
  •     Beta male traits you may not realize you have - and that you must avoid
  •     How to use the science of “mystery” to keep her hooked
  •     Alpha Body language - it’s easier than you think
  •     How to set up your home/apartment to demonstrate the Alpha Life - and not spend a fortune
  •     What the most important room in your house is when it comes to women
  •     Alpha Tips for approaching, getting numbers and directing women
  •     A great assumption technique that gets you phone numbers, kisses and dates
  •     How the Alpha Male thinks about life, women, and dating
  •     The most important asset an Alpha has - it’s something we all have, but the Alpha knows how to use it

JD has developed extreme, effective training of what an Alpha is, and what it takes to demonstrate that you have made the leap from Beta to Alpha - for good.

And it’s just the beginning.

What you learn with these programs you will take with you the rest of your life.

The term “Alpha Male” has come to mean many things these days.

Some would have you believe it’s some kind of jerk, or meat head. A guy that has to always be aggressive and challenge everyone he meets.

And the truth is - that’s a classic definition of a “Beta Male” - and a true sign of insecurity.

Two things are for sure:

  1. An Alpha Male doesn’t need to be an aggressive meat-head. He already knows he’s the shit without having to prove himself.
  2. Women instinctively love a man who displays the Alpha behavior and characteristics. Take it to the bank.

When I say “instinctively” I mean they simply can’t help it. It’s in their blood - their DNA and is the product of 100’s of thousands of years of evolution.

Now, not every man is an Alpha.If it seems like 5% of men are sleeping with 95% of the women, it’s because they are.

In fact - the majority of men in this day and age are Beta. Not everyone is even aware that there is such a thing. But there is. And the good news is: Once you know the difference, being Alpha can be learned.

The difference between Betas and Alphas is glaring - but they aren’t that far apart. It only takes a little extra to make the leap from Beta to Alpha.

You know the MML by now - when we research, produce and release a program it’s exactly what it says it is. Our Programs on Conversation teach you how to talk to women. Our Programs on Attitude teach you the attitude.

Get the NEW Alpha GPS System - Everything you need to know to quickly and easily start living like an Alpha Male. It is jam-packed with mindset and attitude, tips, techniques, and over 20 Alpha Characteristics and exactly how to practice and acquire them.

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Please…women everywhere are begging for it!