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Dating, meeting women, current relationships - it’s all confusing and it can be emotionally draining.

Over the past 13 years we’ve helped 100s of men who needed extra help and attention when it comes to dating and women - be it that “one girl,” a specific problem or just individualized personal “humps” you need to get over. Modern Male Lifestyle® Coaching and Consultations has helped them all - and we can help you too.

If you think you are the first guy to go through your situation - trust us, you aren’t alone.

J.D.Dallas can teach any man the techniques and mindset Alpha Males use everyday to not only get the dating life they want, the women they want - but the life they want.

Our students range in age from 18 to 62 - we have heard it all. Email JD Dallas directly and ask about a free 30 minute trial session.

 Getting Started is Easy - Here’s How Coaching Works

  • Pick your Consulting Package
  • We communicate via email to schedule
  • We communicate via email to get your detailsBusinessman talking on telephone with feet up
    • We will learn about You
    • Your Dating History
    • Your current Situation
    • We won’t waste time on the phone
  • We Talk one-on-one on the phone for 1 hour sessions
    • Most Students have a weekly slot
    • Same Day, Same Time
    • Telephone or Skype
    • In-Person Rate Quotes Available

After you’ve selected and purchased your Coaching Package we will get you on our calendar. Be sure to use a good email address and phone number when you purchase.

What Do You Want Accomplish and What can You Learn?

Here are just some of the secrets you will learn by Consulting with J.D.

The Art of conversation, approaching, dating, control of your women - we can cover it all.

Situational Goals

  • She just texted you - what should (and shouldn’t) you do
  • How to set up the perfect dates
  • Dating multiple women - here’s how
  • Want a girlfriend? How to make her yours
  • Don’t want a girlfriend? How to keep them at arm’s lenght or break up
  • Exactly how to handle the telephone - what to say and do
  • What to do if she’s cheating?
  • Trying to meet women online? Get her offline and with you fast.

Long-Term Goals

  • Improve Success with Women
  • Turn Your Relationship Around
  • Find the Perfect Girl/Woman for you
  • Get Over Your Ex - Or Get her Back
  • Become the Man You Want to Be
  • The Alpha Mentality
  • The Abundance Mentality
  • Alpha Male Characteristics and How to Employ Them
  • Break Out of Dead-End Relationships