The Executive Package – 14 Audio Book Downloads in One

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The best investment you can make in this – or any economy – is in yourself.

To save big and start learning new Confidence and Alpha Male strategies and life-hacks immediately, download the Executive Package now.

You will be immersed in 14 Programs for the Modern Male Lifestyle Catalog in one quick, easy, affordable Download Package.

See Product description below for a list of titles included.

The information and mindset you will quickly gain will translate to improving all areas of your life – not just your success with women.

We teach more than just memorized lines and mantras – we teach you how to transform and become Alpha.

What you learn here you will take with you for the rest of your life.


14 Audio Book Package Download

Everything is instant MP3 download

You Get 14 Audios - over 30 Hours of Alpha, Lifestyle, Dating and Seduction Information:

  • Understanding Women
    • Inside the female mind, what they want and how to give it to them
  • Online Dating Success Guide
    • How to get laid using Tinder. How to meet and date women on match dating sites
  • Alpha GPS System
    • Our latest strategies and techniques for thinking and believing as and Alpha Male
  • Absolute Seduction
    • Women want to be seduced. We show you how to do it
  • Total Control
    • Take command of any woman in any type of relationship. Have her begging to please you.
  • Modern Millionaire Mindset
    • The key mindset for creating, attracting and acquiring wealth.
  • Alpha Life Vol 1
    • Our most popular program starts you on the transformative path to becoming Alpha
  • Alpha Life Vol 2
    • Putting in to practical use your new Alpha Mindset in all areas of your life.
  • The Art of the Pickup Line
    • The motherload of “hitting on women” techniques and phone skills
  • Conversation Technique
    • How to talk to women - or anybody - in interesting and meaningful ways
  • Alpha Mental Makeover
    • Lose the Beta Male thought processes and actions, replace with Alpha mindset
  • Get the Attitude - Get the Women
    • Hardcore, no-nonsense male attitude - A way of thinking and acting that attracts - and keeps - women
  • The Perfect Date vol 1 - Strategy
    • The best way to get dates - the best dates to go on - Not spending money, just getting her to fall for you
  • The Perfect Date vol 1 - Sex and Seduction
    • Fast-forward from first date to having her back at your place, and what to do from there
  • BONUS - The Dating Attitude Ebook
    • If you don’t have it already - our classic “how-to” manual for meeting women, dating women, and handling women

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