The Alpha Life – Class 2


This Class is to be taken after The Alpha Life Class 1.

You will build on the mindset and skills learned, and transfer the Alpha Mentality to your life, surroundings, career, and of course – to your relationships with women.

This over 3-hour audio program will change your life.

Exact mindset, direction and skills that you can use right away on your journey to becoming the alpha male women love.

Written by J.D. Dallas
Spoken by J.D. Dallas

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The Alpha Life Volume One sold over 1600 copies in the first two months - that was over 4 years ago and it has consistently been the the most successful adn popular audio program from The Modern Male Lifestyle.

All of our students wanted MORE – and months later we had produced the eagerly anticipated follow up program.

It’s all new – all alpha, and it picks up where volume one left off.  And I get detailed and very advanced with the information in this program.

Being an alpha male is in your mindset, but you reflect it in the details.

All the little things add up and help to quickly transform you – for good – into a new man.

And this 3-disc (now MP3)  set is packed with more devastating moves, all new advanced techniques and all the little details to help you quickly round-out your alpha look, alpha style and alpha attitude.

In Volume One you learned the alpha mindset, alpha characteristics and the beta male traits to avoid. Now, in volume two we expand on what you’ve learned and take it to the next level.

Do you have any idea about who is an alpha male and how to be one? The first step is to become aware of the characteristics of an alpha male. The following features will be invariably found in all alpha men:

  • Exuding confidence at all times irrespective of the condition they face.
  • Is aware of his demand, but never proves his superiority to those around.
  • Sought and viewed as an expert to handle every situation
  • Leader who initiates and grooms people.
  • A very good company for women.

The Alpha Life Volume Two is full of the great moves and techniques you always get from the Modern Male Lifestyle. We list in detail some powerful dating and lifestyle tips you can use today to start demonstrating your alpha status, and furthering your transformation to become the man women are instinctively attracted to.

The Alpha Life Series of audio programs is the most complete and effective material you will ever find anywhere on the subject – and at any price. And of course, like all of my material, this stuff simply works.

What you learn here you can take with you the rest of your life.

Unlike other programs, we don’t tell you to “say this to act alpha” – we demonstrate quickly and clearly how to “think this and do this to become alpha” – and then the rest is easy.

Why is this important?

Because a woman being attracted to an alpha man is as simple and natural as your attraction to a pretty face or a curvaceous figure. Neither of you can help it – it’s an instinct.

You will be so smooth and natural – and start to realize that everything gets easier. And once your transformation is complete, every move, every technique and every woman is at your disposal.

In Volume Two of the Alpha Life, I will teach and reveal:

  • 10 things every man should know about attractive women - BEFORE you approach them
  • What to expect - and how to handle the attention you’ll get
  • Alpha style techniques to transform your look
  • How to pay attention to the right details – everything about your grooming and body
  • Advanced body language techniques you need to know
  • The secrets to telling whether or not she’s attracted to you – instantly
  • How to decode a woman’s conversation – when she’s telling you to ask her out or kiss her
  • 10 new alpha moves that women absolutely love
  • 20 little details on everything from attitude, style, and conversation
  • How to handle the alpha female – without these techniques she’ll crush you
  • A dozen more beta behaviors and traits you need to eliminate now - you may not even know you are doing them
  • The 5 types of men women instantly are turned off to - and how to tell if you are one of them
  • The one type of man they instantly can’t help but want
  • More attitude builders and alpha mindset
  • And more…

The Alpha Life Volume One shows no signs of stopping, and we full expect Volume Two to fly out the door – starting now. Get the complete program – instant download – and finish what you started.

It’s now available at a limited time for a special price.

And if you don’t have Volume One already – what are you waiting for? Find out what 100’s of men are finding out already – that being the alpha male in any setting is satisfying, rewarding, and what you were born to be.

You can also check out the Alpha Male Package audio program - and get all of our Alpha Lifestyle Training at once, at one low price.

Remember - all men were born Alpha. We learned to be Beta and repress our Alpha Instincts.

Re-awaken what is already inside you with Volume 2 of the Alpha Life Class Series.

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